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Preventing Mold in Your Home

Mold problems are quite terrible, and, unfortunately, individuals are often plagued with them. In fact, The New York Times article "Your Home-The Dangers of Mold in Homes" by Jay Romano notes that mold might lead to some minor issues such as sneezing and coughing, but it an also induce asthma attacks and cause permanent lung damage. Therefore, it is essential to know how to avoid having this terrible substance in your home and how to practice mold removal if necessary.

Even if you live nowhere near water, flooding is still a possibility. When heavy rain storms hit, water can seep in from underneath the door, and it can even come up from the ground. With hard surfaces, you can usually just wipe the water up, and the chance of mold is eliminated. However, if the water gets into the couch or carpet, mold could begin to grow. As soon as it is safe to do so, clean up all the water.

While you, as an adult, likely hang up all of your clothes or put them in the dryer, your teenagers might be getting a little bit lazy. In fact, they might take clothes that are still damp and stuff them in a drawer. Not only is a terrible odor going to appear in the room, but mold will also begin to grow on all of the articles of clothes. Be sure that all clothes are dry before they go up to any bedrooms or are folded.

When bathrooms have a ventilation system, mold is generally not a major issue. However, some bathrooms, especially older ones, have no such system. If you're running out after taking a quick shower or if it's cold out, you likely do not want to leave the window open. It's really necessary to get some circulation in there though, so try to take a shower well in advance of leaving, or keep the bathroom door open after you bathe. Mold might start to grow on the ceiling, and this is extremely difficult to clean.

No matter how hard you try to fight against it, mold might manage to make its way into your home. If it's in the bathroom, scrub with a strong bathroom cleaner. Bleach is another solution to mold. Washing the walls, ceilings and/or floors will bleach will generally help to kill the mold, and sometimes it will stop it from growing back. To really prevent mold from growing back, however, you can try using some common household substances. Vodka and vinegar, separately though not together, have been reported to get rid of the mold in the first place and completely prevent it from ever coming back. If these methods do not work, call a mold removal company.

As mentioned earlier, mold is a serious problem. Not only does it look disgusting and potentially create a strong odor, but it's really dangerous. Do everything in your power to prevent this substance from getting in before it makes everyone in your household ill.

Lily Johnson, a freelance writer who specializes in educating homeowners on smarter ways to improve their homes. She recommends Ferro Canada for quality mold removal or asbestos abatement services.

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