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Poggenpohl Kitchens Go Beyond Food Storage And Preparation

There's no questioning how beautifully designed Poggenpohl kitchens are. They all look like they were designed for people who only appreciate the finest things in life. Every little detail of these Poggenpohl kitchens has an aesthetic and functional purpose, but perhaps one of the best advantages of these kitchen designs is the fact that those who came up with them made sure that kitchens are not only that spot in the house where food is stored and prepared; rather, they're also rooms where people can gather socialise, and enjoy other activities as well. For Poggenpohl, a good kitchen design is all about making a beautiful space multifunctional.

For example, the Plusmodo design does not only create a seamless layout for the kitchen but it also has features that allow for other activities. With the extended counter, children can do their homework as their mother prepares meals. There's even enough space for a laptop so they can do their research and at the same time enjoy the meal prepared for them. There are also big shelves for storing books and other materials that the kids may need as they do their take-home school work while waiting for their food to be ready.

Greatly similar to the Plusmodo design in terms of features is the Segmento design. However, for this kitchen, the extended counter is more slender and can only seat two people. But the nice thing about Segmento is it provides a spot for intimate dining. Also, everything from the sink, the stove top, ovens, and fridge are within reach. The extended counter can also double as a bar, especially for parties.

The Artesio kitchen design, on the other hand, is very modern and opens directly to the dining/living area. There's a long shelf that can hold books and it also boasts of a built-in display case where homeowners can show off a collection or a statement art piece. Meanwhile, Integration has a sophisticated appeal, and with its layout, it's easy to combine food preparation, dining, entertaining and relaxation. The built-in drawers have enough space on top for a big television set. On a Friday night when there's a big basketball game, it's easy to chow down good food and watch an exciting game on TV.

A more compact version of the Integration is the Porsche P'7340 which is quite suitable for the young and single folks who want their kitchen to be multifunctional. This design has a provision for a sleek entertainment centre and has a corner table that can be used for dining and work.

The last one is the classic Traditional design which has a big centre island that immediately does away with the need for a real dining table in the kitchen. This design creates enough division between where guests can sit or hang out and where the chef works. With this design, the home chef is able to entertain his guests, but the guests aren't in his way as he prepares the meal. And when everything is finished, he can enjoy the company of his guests and enjoy the food.

Imagine if you have a kitchen that provides space for meal preparation and space for chitchat. Isn't that awesome? You can actually prepare heart-filled meals while actually spending quality time with your kids. Start your day right with these innovative kitchen designs.

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