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Make Your Wedding Special With Cheap Wedding Favors

No matter what your wedding budget plan is, nowadays with the high cost of every little thing, lots of people attempt to cut costs and look for cheap wedding favors to offer their guests.

This is one area that could drastically become pricey if you are not careful. Think about it. Even if your wedding favors cost a couple of dollars each, with 50, 70 or 100 guests, the overall cost can be huge. You do however want to thank your guests for turning up and it is good to provide them some kind of gift, so let's have a look at exactly what cheap wedding favors can be offered that your guests will treasure.

Personal Cheap Wedding Favors

Something personal is always preferred, and guests will find that this kind of favor is more unique than a generic gift. Include a little, wallet sized photograph of the couple which you can print out inexpensively. You can print an unique saying or thank you on the back or even write it by hand which will cut costs.

An additional fantastic idea, especially if you are having a beach wedding, is to gather pretty, big sea shells. Glue some beautiful paper that matches your wedding colors on one edge and write a thank you message on the largest part of it. This works remarkably with those big white clam or oyster shells.

Looking at cheap alternatives to the regular wedding favors, you could switch out a trinket for something hand-made, if you are imaginative in that way. Otherwise, sparklers, incense sticks, seeds, and hand-made cards are all great options.

Other Things That Save Money

Weddings are notorious for being costly, and aside from the cheap wedding favors, there are some other areas where you can save cash and lower your wedding costs. This consists of searching for affordable bridesmaid dresses, cheap wedding veils, as well as cheap plus size wedding dresses, which can typically cost more than regular sized dresses.

Looking at inexpensive bridesmaid dresses, you could either get somebody you know or a family friend to make them. This will simply cost you the fabric and possibly a small amount for the seamstress. You want your bridesmaids to look superb, the wedding is all about you, so keep the bulk of your money for your wedding dress. You may even be able to find the perfect dresses in the perfect color pre-made at an inexpensive store.

With cheap wedding veils, the same thing applies. This part of the wedding gown is the least important as you will only wear it in the church or for the event and then take it off. Some modern bride-to-bes even go without a veil altogether and opt for a fancy hat, or hair accessory that mimics a veil, consisting of a pompadour, little net to cover part of the hair, feathers and bead work. You could additionally borrow a veil from your mother, sister or pal.

Cheap plus size wedding dresses can be found online, and 2nd hand shops typically have stock. Hire shops are also excellent choices for cheap gowns in the plus size range, otherwise getting someone in your family to make it for you, is additionally a terrific idea, as you can also then ensure it fits perfectly according to your body shape.

Overall, cheap wedding favors and other cheap wedding decor, accessories and apparel, can all be found if you make the effort to look online, utilize your immediate network of friends and family, and get creative!

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