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Important Specifics Of The Dental Care Assistant Profession

Dentists are often viewed as one of the dreaded healthcare professionals, but they serve an essential role. In providing these services, Dental Assistants can often be necessary. While there are dentists who practice without dental assistants, those who are part of healthcare organizations will often require their aid. So have you ever thought about a career in dental healthcare? Read on and find useful information related to the Dental Assistant profession, including educational requirements, income, and potential drawbacks.

First of all, the duties of dental assistants, as you would imagine, involves tasks involving oral healthcare. As the name implies, you would be assisting a professional dentist in their treatment of patients. The work of dental assistants includes maintaining the documents and records, using and maintaining dental equipment for the procedure and seeing to the patients' comfort. If employed in a larger institution, the responsibilities increase.

Next, we'll look at the educational requirements of a dental assistant. Education is a key factor in making for an effective dental assistant. You need at least a high school education to get hired as a dental assistant. The experience and skills necessary to perform dental assistant duties would be facilitated through on-the-job training. You may want to take up an Associate's Degree in Dental Science or enter and finish a dental assisting program for a better chance of being employed. Another point of consideration is there are certain institutions and locations that require a license and certification for specific dental treatments. These certifications and license are attainable through the Dental Assisting National Board's programs and examination. All this is necessary given the technical knowledge and skills required by the profession.

But given these details, is it worth this much effort to become a dental assistant? The Bureau of Labor Statistics present data that dental assistants earn between $24,000 to $50,000 annually. This average is pretty good given the rates of other healthcare professions. It goes without saying that the more experienced and skilled dental assistants will have higher rates, which is also influenced by who or where you work for. Dental health professionals are always in high demand in hospitals, public health, schools, and companies that are centered on oral health.Growth and progression is another attractive area to consider, as dental assistants can pursue further education to become a full-time dentist.

Do drawbacks to this career as a dental assistant exist? One of the cons is this profession requires people skills, as the job has you working very closely with patients. This profession is not particularly suited for the weak stomached, given that oral health care and treatment is involved. This job also requires a good handle of technical and specialized information. Lastly, the career progression is only promising if you continue to take the essential courses, and certification entails a yearly renewal.

The dental assistant profession presents a number of challenges, though it has its rewards.

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