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How To Introduce A New Dog Into A Dog-Filled Home

The fact that you have conscientiously considered a dog's social need does not require you to hastily introduce new dogs to the one you are currently taking care of at home. Yes, dogs need company beyond inanimate pet supplies, discounted or not; they also need the company of fellow dogs. But, then again, the introduction had to be carefully and wisely done.

Now how is it to "carefully" and "wisely" introduce your dog to some newcomer which you would verily like to add to your list of pet dogs? Below are among the most important answers you could ever know about this subject.

1. Introduction is easiest done at puppy stage. You can almost wish that dogs could also understand the principle humans ought to live by - "except you become as little children." Well, they can, and they do, quite instinctively. You just have to help them learn to love a company of other dogs while they are still young. In this stage, everything around them would seem to be normal, and so it would look normal to see some other puppies living with them. You only need to be fair to each puppy, especially when it comes to the distribution of dog food, dog toys and other goodly, though cheap, pet supplies. That would absolutely make the introductory experience very pleasant.

2. Introduction of a new, grown dog to your currently single grown dog will be of medium difficulty. The pride or egocentrism that has grown in the old dog will be the most challenging thing to this introduction. It should be remembered, though, that the dog to be introduced has also this pride developed within it. It should thus take time for the two to accept each other's characteristics and person. Preparatory stages to this point would include introducing smells. You might try to spread the smell of the new dog in your home before the dog's coming in there. This could mean rubbing cloth to the new dog and then rubbing that cloth again onto the sofas or the existing dog beds of your old dog.

3. Introduction of a new dog to a family of well-acquainted home dogs could be the most challenging. This is particularly true by virtue of the reasons stated in the previous case and also of the close ties already formed among the old dogs. The social acceptance will then have to be corporate, else, there can be formed a division among your older pets. This case will take much patience, and thus the introduction had to be made more gradual. One effective technique is to occasionally walk the old dogs with their dog collars on and have the new one be led by some other companion - this to be done in public places such as the park. As they gain friendship from outside, it would become easier for the old dogs to welcome the new friend as a new housemate.

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