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How to Deal With Party Spoilers

Since you have prepared a lot, given so much of your time, effort, and even money, you want your party to be enjoyable and memorable for the right reasons and not for some party spoilers. So here are some great tips on how to deal with them and save your party.

1. The drunkard.

If you know that a member of your family or one of your friends has the tendency to drink way too much and can become wild, arrogant, or crazy at gatherings, you can be in big trouble. Whether you invite him or not, the effect would be negative. A person with some alcohol control will most likely be offended if he's not invited since he does not clearly see the problem. What you can do is to talk to him with all kindness and love and ask him if they can limit his drink. Also, you can ask another friend to keep an eye on him once in a while. If he still has taken too much and started to go wild, never confront him in front of many other guests. Instead, take him aside and make him realize that he's already stepping beyond the boundaries of your hospitality. If that won't work, do not hesitate to escort him outside before he completely ruins your party. You can also talk to your DJ for hire on the best thing to do when a drunkard's gone mad. Your DJ can smartly divert the attention of guests while you or some of your friends escort the spoiler at the door.

2. The pessimist.

This one always finds the food too bland, the games too childish, or the music too loud or boring. Know that he will always find fault in everything and that he will always see just the bad things. No matter how you prepare and no matter how you wish everything would be perfect, this person would always whine. So, do not be too affected. Just relax and ask him if you can do anything to help him enjoy the party better.

3. The party pooper.

This guest would spend the whole time at the party sitting on his chair or standing at a corner. He refuses to have some fun. In fact he refuses to do anything aside from munch on the food. He refuses to join the games or any activity you prepared. So the best thing you can do is to ask him to join the rest of the guests. Ask him to do it for you as a gift to you being the party host.

4. The bragger.

This guest will never stop talking about his own stories and tales of how great and amazing he is. This never ending tale of bragging can annoy the rest of your guests which can decrease the enjoyment they will feel. So the best way to deal with him is to pick on something he is talking about and subtly bounce it to another guest who also has done a lot of things, been to many places, and has many stories to tell.

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