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How to Clean and Waterproof Your Wood Deck a Lot Easier

Cleaning and waterproofing your wood deck can be a hassle but it is definitely worth the time and effort as an unkempt deck would not be very pleasing especially to the eyes of your guests. So follow the procedures below on how to clean and waterproof your deck with relative ease.

How to Clean Wood Deck

After choosing the right cleaner fit for your deck, grab a stiff bristled plastic brush (attached to a pole) and a plastic pump-up garden sprayer. You should use plastic brushes and sprayers as cleaners would react with steel.

1. Before you begin, see to it that you spray down all your nearby plants with water. Use plastic drapes to cover surfaces you would not want to be treated, particularly those that are painted.

2. Pour your cleaner into your garden sprayer and then spray it onto the boards of your wood deck. Let the cleaner sit for 10 to 15 minutes so it would have time to loosen grime and dirt, and destroy mildew spores, molds, and other bacteria and fungi build up.

3. With your stiff bristled brush attached on a pole, work your cleaner into the wood. This is to ensure the cleaner gets into all nooks and crannies. If your scrub gets a little dry, just sprinkle water on it and continue scrubbing.

4. With a high pressured garden spray or a pressure washer, rinse your deck thoroughly.

5. Remove the plastic drapes from your plants and also rinse them with water.

Let your deck dry for a couple of hours or for several days before you apply the waterproofing chemical. The time span depends mainly on the coating you used, so make sure you read the label carefully. Your deck has to be left to dry for at least two days if you use the tinted or clear wood protector or the oil-based solid or semi-transparent stain. Some products are specially formulated to dry quickly (like three to four hours).

How to Waterproof a Wood Deck

When your deck is completely dry, you can apply the waterproofer. In general, whether you use a latex or an oil-based waterproofer, the time between the first and second coating depends on the amount of pigment in a coating. This is because the pigment reflects ultra violet rays, which therefore safeguards the wood as well as the coating from the fading effects of the sun. Below is a list of ideal waterproofers:

Tinted Wood Protector. This lets the grain show through while giving additional colour to your deck. Recoating is not needed within the next two to three years, depending on use and the climate.

Clean Wood Protector. This allows both the colour and the grain of your deck to show through. Recoating would not be necessary within the first two years depending again on your climate and use.

Semi-Transparent Stain. This lets just some of the wood grain to show through and adds stronger colour. Expect to recoat after three to five years, depending on climate and use.

Solid Stain. This totally covers the grain and adds strong colour. This would last up to five years depending on your use and climate.

With a paint pad attached to a pole, evenly apply your wood protector. Usually, a single coat would provide your deck with enough protection. Check on your waterproofer's label to know the right temperature needed for the application and drying process. Generally, the ideal time to waterproof deck is during dry weather over 50 degrees Fahrenheit without rain or freezing for an entire day after application.

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