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How Massage Therapy Helps With Chronic Pain

Golfer's and tennis elbow occurs because of damage to a tendon running from your forearm to your upper arm. And it can happen in any sport or from a non-athlete's overexertion that causes tiny tears in your muscles.

Any repeated movements where your wrists, hands or forearm are required to curl or spin, can cause this injury.
In addition to playing golf, tennis and racket ball, you can also get this injury from a trade such as construction, working in your yard, handling equipment or hardware, an accident or even something as simple as sewing.

You can recover from most cases in a couple of weeks, while others can take several months for the healing to be complete.
If you are suffering from pains in your forearm, especially around your elbow, or having trouble open containers and doors, then you need professional, restorative help.

Massage therapy can restore your flexibility while lengthening your tendons so they can heal themselves. Plus, it will actually prevent injuries by keeping your muscles strong.

After your therapy, you will be taught stretching and strengthening techniques to keep you from having another injury. This training will keep your muscles loose and strong.

If your profession, such as that of a plumber, requires you to keep twisting your arm muscles while you are in therapy, then recovery will take longer.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is burgeoning in lock step with more computer use, texting and touch screens. It is a repetitive use injury that can effect anyone constantly doing the same things with their hands, that's why you'll often see people operating cash registers wearing a wrist splint.

Most often suffers experience numbness, even pain in the nerves that run through their hand. Grip strength can also be greatly reduced. The aggravating symptoms are caused by nerve compression at the base of the hand and until it is relieved, pain will continue even to the point of the damage becoming untreatable.

Although traditional carpal tunnel treatments consist of wrist splints, anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroid injections and even surgery, more people are turning massage therapy for immediate and permanent healing. Using deep tissue stroking techniques, from the wrist to the elbow and on both sides of the forearm, the symptoms can be eliminated. Traditional treatments often fail because they do not focus on the upper extremities that are part of the condition.

Carpal tunnel syndrome exercises are also taught that are self administered at home as part of the recovery process.

Deep tissue massage is proving to be a safe alternative treatment for carpal tunnel as opposed to drugs and surgery.
The massage actually helps your body release your inter pain fighters like serotonin, which are very effective in managing the pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

Joseph is a licensed massage therapist, nationally certified and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. He is also a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist. In order to provide the highest quality of bodywork services to his clients, Joseph continues to enhance his bodywork skills and can be reached at

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