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Hot Water - Solar Energy V Heat Pump Systems

As we get towards the winter months, you might start looking at updating your boiler with something different. After all, boilers tend to be big, erratic, unpredictable pieces of machinery which aren't usually great for the environment. However, we're in the twenty-first century, and you'll find a wide variety of alternative energy systems to pick from. That being said, what about investing in some sort of environmentally friendly water heating system, like a heat pump?

The hybrid heat pump is in fact a solution which integrates a heat pump system with a storage tank, in order to heat the water for your home in a completely new way. It is actually solar powered, but it is a whole different type of solar powered energy to the panels you find on the roof. Essentially, how it works is this - the hybrid heat pump utilises the energy in the air in order to create hot water. Therefore it doesn't require sunshine, unlike solar panels. Meaning it works even during wet, cloudy conditions - so it will be ideal for winter! Once it's taken the energy in, it's absorbed by a refrigerant, which then is transformed from a liquid to a gas. After the gas is compressed, it creates the heat which goes into your water storage tank, and voila, your hot water when you want it.

So why are hybrid heat pumps different to solar-powered solutions? Well, first you won't require solar panels, as pointed out above. Solar panels are often difficult things to take care of - in addition to working only on days with sunshine, you have the worry that something could block out your sunlight and therefore stop your solar energy panels operating. Of course, there's nothing putting your property in the shade at the time you install your solar panels, but who's to stop somebody developing a five storey house next door? When it comes to solar panels shade means problems. You might even find that something as basic as your roof alignment could prevent your panels working correctly.

One other big difference is that you're not going to need any sort of boost or backup when you're using a heat pump. The temperamental nature of our climate means that everybody using solar power systems will need some kind of back up option, and with cyclones, floods and droughts to cope with Australia tends to be rather unpredictable! The type of back up option you will need varies - you could use an emergency power generator or you might use costly batteries. Or there's a third option in that you could get connected to the power grid and use that source of electricity if needed, as well as supply electrical power back when you can.

That could appear to be the ideal solution, but even this has its own disadvantages. The local utility provider might not agree to it, there might be government directives which forbid it and the buy-back price may not be that great. On top of that, you'll need to have special equipment. If there's a power cut, your system could keep sending power to a line that the electricity company believes is dead - needless to say, that might be dangerous! Which means that, that's more specialist kit you will need.

So what about heat pumps? Simple - you don't need to have any back up solution. This type of system functions day and night, hot or cold weather, even all the down to freezing temperatures. Which means they are considerably more reliable, and if you required a bit more reassurance, the best systems feature a guarantee of as much as 15 years.

There you have it - heat pumps will be as green an option for our environment as solar panels, but they are a lot less problematic to setup, much more dependable and even function in just about any conditions. Solar panels were an amazing technology, as well as a huge step forward in the greener energy sector, but it looks like times have moved on yet again and heat pumps may well become the power source for the future. If the hot water systems properties have been needing may very well be what you want, you can find a great deal more information and facts on the net

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