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Health Insurance Is Not Health

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Health insurance itsself has very little to do with health. Your health is something that you take personal responsibility for. Your health insurance does not require you to take personal responsibility for your health. There are many people who will pay over $1000 a month for health insurance but will do very little towards disease prevention.

Statistically nearly 80% of all degenerative diseases are lifestyle related. Many times even small changes can make a large difference. Doing things to improve your health pays large dividends. You enjoy a much superior quality of life. In the past 60 years we have seen a massive increase in degenerative diseases. We have seen large advances in diagnostic equipment. We have used health insurance to pay for medications to treat symptoms.

Each year billions of dollars are spent on advertising processed foods. Some of the same companies that have made billions of dollars off the pain and suffering caused by alcohol and tobacco are now bringing us processed junk food on which they make a large profit.

In a study done in England, it was found that the cost of prevention is 1/16 the cost of treatment of the disease that it prevents. It does not take into consideration the lost income from not being able to work or being able to do the job that you would like to. There is no way to place a value on the suffering we endure because of different diseases.

We have found that some insurance companies will give a discount for various lifestyle factors, such as not smoking, drinking, and not being overweight.

Wellness counseling is one of the simplest ways to educate yourself in simple disease prevention methods. The problem is that there is an enormous amount of conflicting information. We hear a great deal about a low-fat diet, but there is very little scientific data to support it. One very important factor that is overlooked is that all fat is not equal. The same thing is true for proteins and carbohydrates. In Dr. Collins book "The China Study", he clearly shows the difference between animal protein of plant protein on human metabolism. In Dr. Hyman's book "Ultra-Metabolism" he clearly demonstrates the difference between refined carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates.

Science is just beginning to understand the role of vitamins, enzymes, and hormones on the system. It was once thought that the DNA in the cell simply provided a genetic blueprint for reproduction. We now know that within the genes there are switches, depending how they are set, determine how we will respond to certain stimuli and are very dynamic.

There are literally thousands of chemicals and food additives that are xenobiotic, or foreign to the body. Because they are foreign, our cells reject them. If the body lacks the capacity to eliminate them immediately, it must is something with them. So it stores them as fat. This is part of the reason why when you lose weight sometimes you don't feel well, as you have put the toxins back into circulation.

This is one reason why it is important that you eat whole foods, eat plenty of fiber, drink plenty of pure water and take good supplements while you are trying to lose weight. Simply cutting back on calories actually works against weight loss.

Whole life ministry, is a Christian-based ministry that is dedicated to helping people find a quality of life that we believe God intended us to have. We encourage people to invest in themselves and take preventative measures to rid their bodies of the toxins in the world around us. If you are interested in making positive choices in your life Whole life ministry invites you to attend one of our free online classes at

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