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Fashionable And Trendy Hypoallergenic Earrings For Sensitive Skin

Wearing jewelry or accessories has always been a significant part of human culture and tradition, having several purposes that are extremely important to people. Jewelry may symbolize the social status of an individual or signify his or her achievements. Some also consider jewelry as a valuable investment or asset. However, many people are allergic to specific metals used in jewelry, especially in earrings. For those ladies who love to wear earrings yet their sensitive and irritated skin will not permit them to use regular jewelry, there are now hypoallergenic earrings available on the market.

Signs of Skin Sensitivity to Metals

If one's earlobes start turning red, begin itching, or forming a rash upon wearing a matching pair of earrings, it's often a sign that one has sensitive ears. This irritation is often triggered by sensitivity to nickel, which is used in many jewelry items. Symptoms may be noticed within a few hours or sometimes a day after contact and can include itchiness, red skin, rashes, swelling, dry or scaly skin, and even blisters. These symptoms can be painful and uncomfortable and should be attended to and treated by a dermatologist or doctor if the severity warrants it. The dermatologist will conduct a series of examinations to determine whether or not the affected person is allergic to metal such as nickel and then, make the analysis or diagnosis after a 2-day waiting period.

Jewelry Options for Sensitive Skin

An allergy diagnosis does not automatically mean that the person should stop wearing accessories. It just means that one should be slightly more careful when choosing pieces of jewelry to wear. For those who want to accessorize their get-ups with earrings without the danger of suffering an allergic reaction and aggravating uncomfortable skin irritation, there are hypoallergenic earrings.

There may not be too many jewelry options available for people who are sensitive to nickel content. Nevertheless, with the high demand for jewelry for people with skin sensitivity issues, manufacturers have started to create hypoallergenic jewelry options. Hence, those who have sensitive skin do not have to compromise their fashion sense.

Hypoallergenic Jewelry

Hypoallergenic jewelry is created for those who have allergic reactions to ordinary costume jewelry. These earrings are made from nickel free metals such as stainless steel, platinum, copper, and titanium. On the contrary, gold and silver will probably comprise of varying degrees of nickel. Those who are sensitive to nickel can still use this jewelry, provided it is made from high-quality gold or silver as it is less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Nickel-free Jewelry

Jewelry options that are branded as nickel-free can in fact contain a small quantity of nickel as a portion of another metal alloy. That's why it is highly suggested that people with metal sensitivities wear jewelry that is explicitly labeled as hypoallergenic. On the other hand, those with minor allergies can cover the inside portion of the earrings with clear nail polish to avoid direct skin contact.


Every kind of jewelry that a person owns can serve at least one of its countless purposes. Certain people may feel that such accessories and decorations are unnecessary or optional, but it is evident that these items play a very essential role, both in culture and in individual lives.

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