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Could Male pattern baldness Be Non-Permanent?

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Several of us start to become anxious that any indicator of hair loss must be the first signs of long-term hair loss. The good news is that some baldness is transient and can go away when you attend to the underlying health condition.

If you are a young woman who is going through baldness from unknown causes, go to your doctor and have your iron levels evaluated! Iron anemia-- more common in women due to menstruation and childbirth-- can be a cause of temporary baldness. Once the anemia is effectively corrected, this form of hair loss should revert, and your shiny locks should return.

Another common cause of female hair loss is a low thyroid gland. Hypothyroidism means that your thyroid is not producing enough of its required hormones, and one adverse effects of that is hair loss. Your doctor may prescribe various treatment methods that will help your thyroid hormone levels to return to normal.

Bad diet can be a cause of thinning for both men and women. Insufficiences of minerals other than iron can be behind hair loss-- including poor zinc or silica levels. You also need to get enough needed B vitamins in order to grow a health head of hair: while biotin is often mentioned as a B vitamin that is linked directly to hair growth, B6 can also help by increasing scalp circulation and providing nutrition to hair follicles. A good B complex supplement may be a real boost to your hair growth-- as well as helping the rest of your body.

Severe diets can result in hair loss, as the body copes with lower food intake and the stress of losing weight. In addition, weight loss diets often target fat as the "bad guy" in your diet-- which can mean that you aren't getting enough essential fatty acids for hair follicle health. Even when complying with a weight loss regimen, be sure to include foods like flaxseeds, fish and avocado in your foods.

While you are getting your minerals and B vitamins, do not forget your vitamin C! Vitamin C enhances collagen, which encompasses your hair strands. Your best bet for food sources of vitamin C are things like citrus fruits, strawberries and red peppers. You might even think about a supplement of 250 mg daily, which can help to guarantee you are getting enough vitamin C even when your diet lets you down.

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