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Chronic Body Pains And Injuries

Do you find it hard, even painful to reach behind your head and back?

If so, chances are your shoulder muscles are injured and in extreme cases, they can actually tear.

Your shoulder pain could have come from sitting in front of a computer for extended periods of time, driving long distances without rest, or over exertion in sports like golf, racket ball or tennis.

As your muscles become stretched beyond their normal function, they tighten and cause pain.

Often your shoulder injury causes rotator cuff pain because your tendons are inflamed. This can lead to what is known as frozen shoulder pain as the muscles continue to swell and can even causing sleeping problems.

Deep tissue massage is effective for repairing the torn muscles and realigning them so you can move your shoulder pain free. Massage therapy for shoulder pain also boosts your circulation so you heal faster, returns your full range of motion and most important, ends your pain.

After your treatment, you will be taught several exercises you can do at home to continue to recover and even prevent future injuries. The exercises you will learn as part of your frozen shoulder treatment will help stabilize the rotator cuff and keep your tissues from taking in too much pressure.

If you have shoulder pain for several days and you are having trouble moving like you used to, then seek treatment with deep tissue massage therapy.

Often your pain has nothing to do with your hip, but the structures surrounding the area.

The muscles that surround your hip allow for the motion. And when any of the muscles or areas around them, become inflamed, you will suffer pain.

Sometimes the inflammation is caused by trauma, such as an accident, while overuse can also cause injuries where muscles can become inflamed.

Leg Pain

Your leg pain is often due to muscle cramps.

These cramps can be caused by overuse, keeping your leg in one position for a long time, or simply strain.

Injuries can also cause leg pain such as an overstretched muscle or inflamed tendon.

Knee Pain

It's not unusual for most people to experience knee pain at some point.

Knee pain can result as an injury from an accident... sports and recreation activities ...or stress caused from overuse causing prolonged pressure, such as climbing the stairs.

In all cases of hip, leg and knee pain, deep tissue massage will help loosen your tight muscles and aid the healing blood circulation you need to replenish injured muscles with oxygen while carrying away cell waste.

Joseph is a licensed massage therapist, nationally certified and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. He is also a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist. In order to provide the highest quality of bodywork services to his clients, Joseph continues to enhance his bodywork skills and can be reached at

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