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Buying a Home in Germany? Bring Your Own Kitchen

Are you planning to travel abroad and plant your roots within the boundaries of historic and majestic Germany? Nestled within a region of Europe flavored with rich history, splendid scenery and soaring castles it is no wonder that many Europeans and non-Europeans choose to call Germany home. Although, nearly 90% of this European Union country's inhabitants are German by birth, this has not prevented newcomers from wandering across the borders, near and far, to search for properties. Whether newcomers are making Germany home because of a job transfer or because of a desire to embrace a different culture, there may be some surprises along the way. This is especially true if these newcomers are unfamiliar with German kitchens.

Did you know that in many European homes, especially those in Germany; do not come with a kitchen? While this may not be shocking to Europeans, Westerners who are looking for properties in Germanic cities or in the countryside may be shocked to discover that when renting a property they may be responsible for supplying their own kitchen units. Many European properties supply a "kitchen room," but this room lacks counters, cabinets, a sink, a stove, a refrigerator and any other kitchen necessities that most Westerner's expect to have in their kitchens.

The lack of a standard kitchen in a rental unit can be a set-back for unprepared transplants. While it is true that the cost to add kitchen units, on top of the rent that must be paid and other furnishing that must be bought or delivered, can seem like a major drawback; there are positives to unsupplied kitchen units

There isn't anything worse than being forced to live with someone else's style, especially if it is in disrepair or outdated. With German kitchens you have the ability to create your own unique kitchen that is designed and installed according to your wishes and desires. Everything is built custom just for you.

Many transplants that were leery of the BYOK - bring your own kitchen - usually have a change of heart when they realize that by purchasing German kitchens they are able to install modern kitchen units that will be able to meet the demands of their family and lifestyle. All worktops and kitchen components are manufactured with the modern user in mind. This means that you won't have to worry about buying a 100 year old property with the existing kitchen. You will get a clean slate to create the modern kitchen of your dreams, while still experiencing the charm that older homes and apartments provide.

Today's society is a transient society. Jobs and family obligations sometimes make it difficult to stay in one place for a lifetime. This is the beauty of fitted kitchens. They travel with you. Their durable construction makes it easy to put them on the back of a lorry and travel with you to wherever life takes you next. It may seem odd, off-putting and inconvenient to have to bring your own kitchen, but German kitchens make sense for European families who want contemporary conveniences and flexible solutions.

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