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Bean Bags - Guiltless Pleasure Wonder Chairs

Bean bags are wonder chairs, it's a guiltless pleasure, one of the many in life that is free (well that is if you already own one). It's one of the best examples of "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" adage, if you have a hard work sitting on a hard chair, make things easier by sitting in a comfortable chair via a bean bag. An extra bean bag in your house, which you can stow away in a closet if not needed (when is it not needed anyways right?), it's such a great addition to your household that it's a wonder how you lived those past years without a beanbag in your life.

So what are the things you need to know before you buy one? How do you choose a beanbag? What are the things you need to consider first? Here they are as follows:


A bean bag isn't that big, it also has this unique thing that is it follows your body contour so no matter how big you are or how small you can sit pretty in it knowing that it's just your size. However you need to understand that there are different sizes for your own convenience, styles which might be different for each gender and shapes too. So pick one well suited for your personality and not just because this one is cheap or that one is best because it's expensive.


Fur, velvet, vinyl, these are the fabric that you need to know in order for you to pick a bean bag that can really provide you with the comforts you are looking for. Microfiber, denim and cotton are excellent choices as well so you may want to have those kinds. There are fillings inside the bean bags so a patch or a zipper that is the opening of the beanie bag should be well protected, keep them out of children's reach so it won't spill out in the living room.


There are many shapes and sizes when it comes to bean bags so it's also a means to showcase your personality with it. There are pear shaped bean bags, beg types, bag types, oval shaped beanies, made for kids, made for adults, etc. It comes in such varied designs that you should be able to choose one for your own taste in no time at all!

Much has been said about the goodness of bean bags, you will not be able to live without one once you have owned one at home or anywhere. It's something that you can enjoy alone or with a friend. If you so desire you can also buy them by bulk; the more bean bags you have the more happiness you get.

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