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BBQ For The Camper: The Top Tips

With the summer weather just around the corner; camping fanatics are getting ready to pull out their tents and rejoice in a good old fashioned outdoor holiday. Although the winter weather is still very much here, the spring and summer months are not far away and the chance to take a weekend away, or visit a festival will very much be possible. When that time does come, food can often be an issue and many are left to believe that a tin of baked beans is the best they can do but does it really need to be that bad?

When it comes to camping food, why not invest in a travel sized BBQ to allow you to fully embrace the outdoors in every way. There are a range of fantastic BBQs available and the choice is entirely yours but for me; it has to be a good old fashioned Weber BBQ, a brand that has leaded the way and provided the world with real quality for a number of years. If investing in a portable BBQ for your camping trip either with this brand or another, there are a range of weber bbq accessories available and weber grilling accesories on the market which can help add a little excitement, adventure and style to your cooking.

Once you have the right equipment in place, preparation and a good, solid understanding of not just what you need to so but what hurdles you face are essential to ensuring a smooth and stress free time. My top five tips for camping BBQ are some of the most common out there but I have to agree that they are here for a reason; they work and really can make your life a lot easier!

My first tip has to be preparation; whatever the length of your trip may be, take the time to plan out your meals and prepare as many ingredients as possible in advance to allow you more time to relax and enjoy yourself but also to save you the potential disasters of forgotten ingredients. Secondly, ensure you have marinated your meats at home and consider either freezing them for your trip or packing them tightly in a seal tight bag as this is not only great for time keeping but fantastic for flavour.

My third tip has to be the most important and that is to ensure that you pack enough coal for the BBQ. Far too many people travel with specific measurements but when it comes to coal and lighter tabs; they can be very unpredictable so ensure you pack extra to avoid running out. Keep quality in mind throughout your trip and that is where tip four will come; accessories are quite easily neglected but imagine sitting in the middle of a field and failing to flip your burgers because your spatula has broken? Why not invest in some quality, stainless steel accessories that can assist and ensure that your cooking is as simple as possible.

The last thing that I have to state is ensuring you take enough plastic bags and cleaning materials with you to clean your BBQ as food can cause damage to even the best steel and as tempting as it may be; do not damage the environment by leaving your used coal and dirt around and instead pack it away and bring it home with you.

The warmer weather is only around the corner; so if your preparing to make the most of it with a good old fashioned camping trip, then why not take along a portable BBQ to ensure those tins of baked beans are a thing of the past!

An avid writer with over twenty years of actual experience in the BBQ industry. Having worked at a number of locations; Jackson has dealt with varieties of high quality BBQ products and can provide an abundance of knowledge and information on anything and everything you need to know. Please visit for further information

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