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Allergy Free Earrings For Sensitive Ears

Allergy free earrings come in an almost endless array of styles and qualities, from inexpensive costume jewelry, to high-end gold and platinum. This is good news for those who love to wear earrings but have sensitive skin that makes it next to impossible to wear normal jewelry.

The metals in some jewelry, even high-end jewelry, may trigger an allergic reaction in those who are sensitive. Even 14kt gold or higher will cause an allergic reaction in some people. This is because other metals called alloys are added to the gold. No jewelry is made only of 100% gold. These alloys are necessary to give the material the firmness it needs in order to be fashioned into earrings and other jewelry. Unfortunately, nickel is included in many alloys and it has been found to trigger an allergic reaction in many people.

The ideal metal for allergy free earrings is surgical steel. Steel is an alloy which is a combination of iron, carbon and other metals. Stainless steel earrings are not ideal for those who are super-sensitive because they often have nickel mixed in as well.

The metals that show the lowest toxicity in sensitive persons include titanium and niobium. Pure titanium and niobium which are not alloyed with nickel have been shown to produce no allergic reaction at all in the vast majority of people.

Some people are more sensitive to the metals in jewelry than others. The highly sensitive may experience an allergic reaction if any part of the earring has nickel in it. The post which goes into the ear may be non-allergenic, but the earring itself could still trigger allergic reactions in some. These super-sensitive people cannot have any part of the earring touch their face or neck. In that case, 100% non-allergenic earrings would the only earrings that could be used.

Many others can get away with wearing earrings made of almost any material, so long as the post which goes into the ear is made entirely of surgical steel. The rest of the earring will not bother them.

Those who have recently gotten their ears pierced, and have never worn pierced earrings before should purchase non-allergenic earrings as their first pair, just in case. The scarring that is caused by some allergic reactions to earrings can be enough to make a person want to cover their ears in public. It can also become severe enough to warrant a doctor's visit if they were to become infected.

There have been cases where someone has worn the same earrings for years and suddenly become allergic. The earrings that they used to wear suddenly cause severe itching and blistering when inserted into their ears. If they continue to ignore the discomfort and wear the earrings anyway, it could become severe and may even spread to the neck and sides of the face. At the first sign of any type of irritation, it is best to remove the earrings immediately and never wear them again.

In the above case, it is best to go with a pair of certified, nickel-free earrings which should come with a guarantee that says they are non-allergenic. This is because some manufacturers will claim that their product is non-allergenic when it is in fact not 100% free of toxins. There may still be tiny traces of nickel and other toxic metals present that can trigger a reaction.

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