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Algebra Two Help

This one time.... at band camp...... I couldn't figure out how to do my algebra two homework. All I really wanted was someone to give me the answers. I didn't know at the time that what I was going to get was something much more valuable, something that never occurred to me and something nobody had ever spoken of to me. I learned that my whole life had been mostly a waste of time. Not totally, but I definitely wasn't where I could of been had been given this simple but valuable information. Essentially I leaned that instead of working on something to get somewhere, hoping things would work out, I had to know where I wanted to go then make a plan I could follow exactly that would tell me just what to do and how and when to do it to be successful.

As small children it is often overlooked that there should be some formal guidance about how to be a student. Whether it is because adults just think it's too advanced of a notion to teach a first grader or just because it really has never been done it's obviously paramount and I for one can't figure out why it isn't a part of a regular curriculum for all students. Teaching you how to be organized, pay attention, set goals, schedule your time, take notes and study are things that everyone will use throughout their whole lives. Getting good grades just happens if this other stuff happens.

This problem of kids not knowing what to do to get good grades has been a problem for generations and will probably be so for generations into the future. Who knows, maybe forever. The school systems are literally managed by too many people who are politicians and motivated by party or corruption. Until one person with vision and drive really changes the programs into something that really makes sense and is really powerful. I think grade school is to often looked at like something people do because they want to and play time for the kids is to overly emphasized. Lets face it, when you are a grown you just remember that much about play time anyway. The significant change in education in this society that would come from school being a much more rigid and regimented system would be amazing.

We have got to figure out a way to change the system fundamentally. Obviously one parent or a group of parents can't have enough impact to start changing a generation. One school or school district is not enough. As Americans we have to all come to the understanding that we are failing big time with allowing our young people to strive for the success they are capable of. Everything we do in our schools seems almost specifically designed to hold them back and slow them down. Things are archaic and were meant for another time. We have to figure out a way to fix the system and at the same time figure out to change a culture of people who don't take the education of their children serious enough.

We have to overcome our fear of change if we are ever going to help our children become what they are capable of. Throughout the history of man nothing has been more difficult for him to cope with than change. It has always been the thing he feared the most for the outcome is always uncertain. There have been magical individuals throughout history who were brave enough to push through the fear and it will take such a man to make this change happen. Our children aren't challenged to even a fraction of their aptitude. It's a travesty and I think the answer to the majority of our social and economic problems.

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