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Advice For Painting The Exterior Of A Home

Some home renovations are designed to increase the functionality of the house such as adding extra rooms or changing the bathroom fixtures. Others are intended to increase the value by improving the aesthetics of the property. Homeowners spend more than $20 billion every year on a variety of projects. Nearly 54 percent of all renovations included some type of painting. Painting the exterior of a home can rejuvenate an older house and add a distinctive touch to a new building. The best results are normally achieved through professional painters. Some homeowners would rather attempt to paint some portion of the exterior personally. There are several tips that will help when painting the exterior of a home.

Purchase The Right Supplies

It is important to purchase all of the right supplies before starting to paint. Stopping during a job will create noticeable and unattractive seams. The brushes and rollers should be made from quality materials. Shedding from brushes and rollers will create an uneven texture. It is best to purchase small accessories like paint tray liners, pour spouts for paint cans and grills for evening the paint on a roller. Drop cloths are also useful. All supplies require proper care and maintenance after a painting session. This includes washing everything, wrapping brushes in plastic and emptying excess paint back into sealed cans or buckets.

Clean The Exterior Before Painting

Dirt and irregularities on the surface of the exterior will cause paint to chip and peel over time. It can also reduce the lifespan of the painting equipment and taint the color of the paint. The outside of the home should be washed thoroughly before starting. Some professional painters use high-pressure washers for this task. Additionally, homeowners should remove any preexisting paint or finish from the exterior. Existing paint creates a layer that could immediately start to crack. It might also affect the way new paint adheres to the surface. Removing old paint usually means scraping the exterior.

Caulk Gaps And Joints

One of the issues that can ruin the exterior paint on a home is penetration of water and air. Weather and even age can do this. Some major sources of penetration are the joints and gaps in an exterior surface. These openings need to be sealed with caulk before painting. A polyurethane or silicone caulk has the durability to keep a joint sealed. The exact instructions on the caulk need to be followed in order to seal the gap properly. Some caulks require a specific amount of time to cure so that the solvents in the paint do not compromise the strength of the material.

Choose The Correct Type Of Paint

Painting the exterior of a home should involve choosing a primer and a colored paint. The primer seals the surface and makes the topcoat much more vibrant. The paint should be specifically listed as exterior grade. One of the most popular options is a water-based acrylic and latex paint that is easy to handle and apply. Homes that have existing oil-based exterior paint will need to be repainted with oil-based products. The old oil residue will repel water-based paints without special treatments that only professional painters can perform. The finish is also important. High-gloss paints tend to have the highest resistance to weather and ultraviolet light.

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