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Advantages Of Mattress Pads

Mattress pads are often bought as an afterthought rather than a common practice. They are not seen as an essential like sheets, pillow cases and blankets. This attitude can easily deter many from enjoying one of the simplest and most advantageous products ever placed on the market.

Advantages of Extra Padding on the Bed

Added Comfort - These gems add an unequaled level of comfort to the bed. It means a more restful night's sleep that, in turn, means a more bright eyed and bushy tailed personality in the morning. The mattress itself may be comfortable enough; however, the pad makes even the most comfortable bedding more relaxing.

Eases Pain - People who suffer from back and neck pain find a great deal of relief from it when using the extra cushioning provided through these easy solutions. A pad is not a cure for chronic back and neck pain, however, those who do suffer pain will pain will find a higher level of relief after placing one on the bed.

Less Wear and Tear on the Mattress - Unlike other furniture, the bed is used approximately eight hours a night, seven days a week. This leads to a great deal of wear on the material. Placing another layer of protection over it helps keep stains, material wearing, and dander to a minimum. It can literally double the life of the most important furniture in the bedroom.

Sheet Grip - Bed sheets have a tendency to slip out-of-place after someone lies on them. Pads will make that a problem of the past because they are slip resistant. That means no more fighting with the fitted sheets to keep them in place and less of a chance of skin being exposed to the rough exterior of the bedding.

Allergen Reducer - The pads can be washed, which means dander and dust have less chance to settle and cause allergies to flare. This is especially helpful during high allergy seasons. Simply wash it at the same time other linens are washed. Mattresses cannot be easily washed to remove allergy irritants and every measure should be taken to lower the risk.

Extra Warmth - An added layer of warmth is always welcome during the cold winter months. The pad acts as an extra layer of warmth between the mattress and the person sleeping on it. It keeps the material underneath shielded from the colder temperatures, which makes the bed a much warmer place to lie down during cold winter nights.

Mattress pads offer a potentially healthier way of life that is advantageous to everyone who uses them. The cost is in close proximity to that of a set of sheets and is well worth the investment. They should be of particular interest to parents of children who are still young enough to wet the bed, since they help keep liquids from soaking into larger, more difficult to clean bedding. Do not miss out on the advantages of adding one more layer to the bedding. It is amazing what a treasure they are to everyday life.

Laura Wheelock is the creator of Cool Wicking PJs, an online store specializing in moisture wicking products to relieve night sweats, hot flashes, and sweating at night. For more information on a wool mattress pad, which also wicks moisture, visit

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