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5 Tips to Improve Your Reading Skills

Have you thought about building up your reading skills?

Is the success you crave in your job or in school falling just beyond your reach? Are you scratching your head wondering how to get to the next level? If you've started to search for an answer to this question, that's great, but maybe it's time to take stock of the skills you have. Reading skills and success go hand in hand.

What will it take to improve your reading skills? You probably haven't had to think about reading for years, since you first learned to read as a child, and probably never considered it a skill. A skill it is, just like boxing and auto repair. Like those professions, reading can be improved to a fine art.

So what's the hold up? The tips below are simple and easy and you can get started today.

Pick the right environment: A lot of people tend to forget this simple step, but environment is a major factor in having good reading skills. Try to read in a quiet place with few distractions. Disconnect yourself from the Internet! Not only will this help yourself in the moment; your brain will also learn how to concentrate on one thing, which gives your reading the edge.

Choose material that you like. Reading should never feel like drudgery, but if you are constantly reading stuff that bores you, or you don't understand, you will struggle. To train your mind that reading is good, while at the same time developing good reading skills, pick a subject that really interests you. You'll improve your skills and change your brain waves at the same time.

Vocabulary: This step is at once the simplest and what some people find the hardest. A strong vocabulary is the key to being able to comprehend what you read. But this doesn't mean that you should read the dictionary from front to back. Try looking up words as you come across them. This will help you to learn how different words work in the correct contexts.

Do not feel resentful as if this is all effort and no rewards. Keep a dictionary close at hand. Treat this like a game that you want to win, but you've got to solve the clues along the way.

Practice. There's no easy way to say this. If you want big bicepts you have to work out. Same thing with the muscle we call the brain. It needs a regular workout to get strong and fit.

Implementing these tips won't make you a literary genius, but it will set the foundation to improving your reading and comprehension, so you'll be able to compete and succeed in this information age.

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