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17 Ways to Make a Small Room Look Bigger in Ten Minutes

Making a small room look bigger can be quicker and easier than you think. You just need to know some tricks and designing principles being applied by interior designers. Read on and make your room appear bigger in just ten minutes.

1. Unclutter your space. Get rid of anything you have not used for one year. Remove or transfer in another room any piece of furniture that does not really enhance the overall look of your room. Also, consider donating your old stuffs or opening up a garage sale. This way you can really get rid of the things you do not really need.

2. Consider rental furniture so you can match the look of your room to the season and avoid too many furniture pieces stock in your room. It is also a good way to freshen up the overall look of your space.

3. Avoid unnecessary details like ruffles in curtains, furniture, and bed sheets. Just use plain fabric to widen up your space. Also, for your bed sheet, avoid using one that touches your floor. Allow light to go through under your bed to open up your space.

4. Use armchairs or sofas that are raised on their legs. This allows light to pass through making your room look bigger. Pieces with open arms are also ideal.

5. Use smaller prints for wallpapers, rugs, or sofa fabric design.

6. Hang huge mirrors or a set of smaller mirrors. Mirrors reflect light adding extra light in the room and making it look bigger.

7. Don't fill up all shelves in your room. By leaving some of them half empty, you are creating more room with an airy more spacious feel.

8. Use glass-topped coffee tables or shelves. These transparent pieces of furniture take up less visual space compared to dark and opaque ones.

9. Do not over decorate your wall. Provide breathing spaces between picture frames or frame artworks.

10. Push bulky pieces of furniture against your wall like large dressers or cabinets.

11. Have some furniture pieces with the same or very similar color as your wall. Huge pieces like chest or armoires can blend into your room and widen out your space.

12. Make sure you do not block any walking pathways with any items. Also, avoid blocking the view into your room as this will make it seem cramped.

13. Avoid placing too many items or pieces of furniture into your room. Be sure you expose large part of your floor. This will make your room look bigger.

14. Add lights to your room. Place one or two reading lamps. This will open up your space and make it appear more spacious.

15. Do not push your sofas against the wall. You may be thinking that one of the best ways to create more space is by doing so. On the contrary, sofas also need breathing spaces. Allot spaces around them.

16. Let as much natural light inside your room as possible. Hang light coloured curtains to let sunlight pass through them.

17. Use light or neutral colours on your floor. Whether you are using mats, carpet, or rugs, sunlight will bounce off your light-coloured flooring creating a bright and airy effect.

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