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When To Choose Bistro Aprons

A required element of any establishment in the food industry is the bistro apron. It is a required element of almost all restaurant uniforms. Kitchen staffs are more commonly seen sporting smaller bib aprons, while those who must interact directly with customers more often sport bistro aprons.

Bistro aprons are aprons that flow down to the top of the thigh or down to the ankle depending on whether or not they are full or half aprons. They usually tie off behind the waste. There are pros and cons of bistro aprons, which are examined more specifically below.

The pros to wearing a bistro apron are numerous. Primarily they provide functional protection from stains and spills, while also providing pockets, which conveniently store anything a restaurant employee, might need to carry, from cutlery to pens to receipts.

Another aspect of the bistro apron's functionality is its' versatility in fit and style. They come in multiple sizes and feature adjustable strap lengths so that no matter the size or preference of the restaurant employee, they can find the apron best suited to them individually.

Another pro of wearing bistro aprons are that they also provide a very crisp, professional appearance without taking away from the desired look or existing uniform. They can be easily added on top of your desired look and allows your staff to be functional yet fit your theme.

The many benefits of bistro aprons must be counterbalanced however, by a few drawbacks in their design. First among these is the fact that they only cover the lower portion of an employee's uniform, leaving the upper body exposed to staining and spills, and all-too common occurrence even for employees working the "front of the house."

Another potential drawback of bistro aprons to consider is the length. Many establishments may only order one length of apron in an effort to cut down costs. In most cases one size can suit every employee. But in some instances, when an employee is either very tall or very short, the bistro apron can be a hindrance. It either fails to provide complete protection for a tall employee, or can be something a short employee has to constantly worry about tripping over.

Despite the potential cons of bistro aprons, they really are a great way to dress your staff. They will provide you versatility, function and match your desired theme. With the ability to size them according to your staff you really can't go wrong with Bistro Aprons.

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