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What To Do After Rehab: Sober Living

Facilities exist that are helping young men begin a new life through sober living. Where will you start your new life?

After repeated abuse of drugs and alcohol, and the negative consequences that follow, substance abuse rehab treatment is the next step. Starting a new life, a sober life, means that you can be the person you have really always wanted to be.

Getting clean and sober, and breaking the addictive behavior in which you were engaged for a long time, will allow you to identify why you began using drugs and alcohol to cope with your life. With that information, you can determine how to recognize the emotions and triggers in you that lead to drinking and drugging in the past.

An individualized treatment plan created by your counselor can help you create a game plan for success at the sober living facility. Individual therapy session, group therapy session, music therapy, Twelve Step meetings are just a few of the sober living treatment options that have a history of success.

During formal treatment you are in a safe zone of sorts. In residential inpatient drug and alcohol rehab you are essentially monitored around the clock, twenty-four hours a day. There is a always a staff member around, even over night, in case you need someone. You do not have the opportunity to relapse, unless you walk out of the facility altogether.

In outpatient treatment, where you generally do not live on site where you are receiving treatment, you are less monitored. The time after drug rehab is often times when an addict is most vulnerable to relapse. Since addiction recovery treatment became an option for people with substance abuse, sober living has been a fundamental principle: a community in which all occupants are fully abstinent from all drugs and alcohol, no one is drinking or using drugs at any time while living in the house.

Sober living is usually gender-specific, and run by a house manager and possible other treatment staff members. Alcohol and drug tests are administered on a regular basis and a curfew is strictly enforced. While living in a sober living community, you are expected to work, volunteer, or be a student for a certain number of hours in a week, and chores within the house are assigned daily.

There are facilities available that are helping young men being a new life through sober living.

The benefits of an active, outdoor-oriented community of those in early recovery are numerous. For those who were active before, or even during, drug and alcohol addiction, the possibility of adventure, physical and mental challenges, exercise, and team-building through various outdoor activities every day while learning how to stay sober provides a reminder of the natural high inducing activities you used to enjoy. Building life skills and relearning how to live a sober life are important things that will happen at a good facility.

One day you may wake up and have an individual group therapy session, followed by community service, and then a hiking and fishing adventure in the afternoon. Maybe you attend a Twelve Step meeting that night with other members of your sober living community, and then you all go home and watch some TV to relax. Out door activities, re-engaging in school and vocational training are just some of the opportunities that afford someone once they embrace sobriety. You will not be bored.

While beginning a new life in sober living, you have the opportunity to establish who you want to be. A new sense of autonomy can be created in which you make choices to become self-sufficient, maybe in a way you have never been able to in the past, especially while you were drinking and using. It is a real possibility through sober living.

Rebecca Berg is a business development representative for Shadow Mountain Recovery a recovery center for young ment providing sober living housing at their Colorado and New Mexico facility.

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