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Tree Roots Can Cause Damage To Sewer Lines Resulting In Costly Repairs

Planting trees is an excellent idea that many people could not seem to fully embrace. Despite the devastation of global warming due to the heedless and reckless quality of urban development and consumerism, the idea of planting trees do not always appeal to the immediate senses of individuals living in a modernist lifestyle. However, many people these days are learning to adapt green consciousness in their civil engineering layouts.

No longer is planting trees considered a conspiracy theory movement by hippies (or more infamously called "tree-huggers"). The universal plan for adapting organic options have swept most of the first world and developing nations due to the alarming necessity to change the way society does things. But although planting trees are generally good, there are certain categories that prove exception to the rule. Planting trees is good, but that does not mean one can plant it anywhere. And of all the places trees prove inappropriate to be planted, nothing beats being the nearest to fragile or volatile structures and infrastructures.

Planting trees close to sewer lines can be inappropriate and even dangerous, while it can result to costly repairs. The fact that roots have their own sporadic pathway in slithering underground means nothing but highly sophisticated and expensive mechanical intervention could stop the tree roots from punching through sewer pipes and tunnels. The same idea applies to erecting power grids through the uncleared forest path. Trees do not negotiate where their roots twist, or where their branches point.

As trees grow, they indiscriminately consume or overwhelm anything in the midst of their immediate biological perimeter. Planting trees close to sewer lines will definitely destroy the sewer lines. The dangers it can cause ranges anywhere from bio-hazard seeping caused by dented subterranean concrete, to an all out collapse of the segment of the highway above the sewer tunnel where overgrown roots forces itself.

Like all forces of nature, trees are also virtually unstoppable in their own way. It is always best to acknowledge what these misunderstood creatures are capable of. One of the first things to remember about putting greenery in a concrete layout, such as a compound, town of plaza; is that trees should not be at a very close proximity with important underground grids such as sewer lines or even telephone and/or power lines. Some engineers who specialize in tree services know of certain measures to avoid dangerous encroachment of tree roots. But until one can acquire their specialized service, it is best if trees stay away from these dangerous areas.

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