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Top Tips for Choosing Replacement Kitchen Doors

When it comes to kitchens, sometimes a lick of paint just won't do! If you want to transform the heart of your home then the only way to do it is with new kitchen doors. If you're planning a makeover in your kitchen then make sure you add replacement kitchen doors to your shopping list and take advantage of the amazing array of stylish and sturdy doors that will enhance the effect of your newly decorated room.


Wood is a versatile and attractive material that can work in modern or traditional spaces. You can find original and reproduction wooden doors to suit every era, so whether you're looking for Georgian splendour or Edwardian charm, you'll easily find doors to suit. As well as solid wood, you can find a number of wood composite and wood veneer doors, which often look just as good as the real thing but aren't as susceptible to changes in humidity and temperature and won't require as much maintenance.


Whether you want to keep things subtle or really make a statement, you can achieve the look you want with laminate. You can find high quality wood effect doors that are ideal in minimalist and modern spaces, or if you want to make your doors into a real feature you can choose laminate in a bold colour, elaborate pattern or even get an image of your choice printed onto your doors. In smaller spaces, this can be a great way of adding interest whilst still leaving walls blank.


Provided it's sufficiently reinforced, glass makes a great choice for kitchen cupboard doors. You can opt for a door with translucent panes or a frosted effect. Enjoy the benefit of extra light coming through your doors when they're closed by illuminating the interior of your cupboards. There are a huge variety of glass door designs available so you can find the right doors to fit a period or modern home. One way to give a nod to the style of a 1920s or 1930s home is to include coloured stained glass in your kitchen doors as many homes of the period incorporated stained glass.


If you prefer ultra-modern to old world then stainless steel could be the perfect material. However it can end up looking a little cold and clinical so unless that's the look you want include some colour in your kitchen too. Steel is very easy to clean and provides a reflective surface which can help make dark spaces feel lighter.

Door Knobs:

The door knob you choose can really make or break your kitchen doors, but they're also relatively easy to change. You can make a budget kitchen look more expensive by adding some designer handles or continue the clean lines of your modern interior with something chic and simple. For a high end look nix the nobs completely and opt for cupboards with a hidden handle instead.

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