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The Very First Designing Job

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College education - tough, but the most important and interesting part of life.

One of the most cheerful and the happiest phase in life is the time spent in college. Although college life is enjoyed thoroughly, this was also the time that we all chalked out our goal in life. Some wanted to become bankers, some wanted to do management studies while few had made up their minds to pursue their passion and ambition to become top models. I wanted to become a successful fashion designer.

After graduation I took up a few courses specialising in fashion designing to add to my degree. The idea of setting up my own fashion house had been in my mind for a long time but before I started my own firm I wanted to gain some experience in the field. I applied to some of the fashion houses and I got selected in two of them. I opted for the best in the industry.

I joined there as an assistant designer. I was very thrilled and excited about the job as it was what I had always dreamt of. I worked in almost all the departments from weaving, dying, designing, stitching, embroidering, packing, marketing and shipping. The job was more of a hands-on training course at a training institute than at a Fashion house. A year and a half later I was ready to try my luck and start my own venture.

Setting up the business was easy and the first order also came in through a friend. I still remember the very first job done by me. It was designing of lab coats and hospital scrubs. I wanted it to be very precise and perfect so I prepared a questionnaire and asked the doctors, nurses and the other hospital staff about their tastes and how they wanted their uniforms to be. The questionnaire really helped, the requirements of most of the staff were similar they wanted two to three pockets, comfortable and light cloth and should have an elegant look. The only criterion put up by the hospital was their budget constraint. As this was my first opportunity to showcase my talent, I wasn't really looking at earning a huge profit and assured them that I would be able to deliver the uniforms within their budget.

I prepared three designs for each and presented them to the hospital board to select. Once they conveyed their selection, I began putting together the material required for mass production. Within days I was able to complete & ship the order to the hospital. They were impressed by the quality of the work and also remarked that these were high quality yet cheap lab coats they had ever used. The appreciation inspired me to achieve greater heights of creative designing.

Infecitious Clothing impressed by the quality of the work and also remarked that these were high quality yet cheap lab coats they had ever used.

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