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The Key To Theme Success

There is something that makes us all happy about the seaside. It could be childhood memories, a passion for water sports, or simply the relaxing sound of the waves lapping at the shore. Either way to have a seaside home is an enjoyable asset, and if you are lucky enough to have one it is important to make the most of the interior within it. A natural choice of colour scheme is nautical blues and greens, usually stripes with some white or cream thrown in too.

It is a common theme for one's bathroom, and so nautical themed home accessories are not incredibly hard to come by. The classics are little model yachts, a porthole themed mirror and possibly a seagull reference or two. This is fine for the bathroom, however, if the theme is to consume the rest of your interior space too you may want to take a more subtle approach. The Dutch company Eichholtz boast an impressive range of nautical inspired clocks, telescopes and lighting methods. These stand out due to their originality and their pieces are effortlessly stylish, often with a nod towards the ocean but avoiding the predictable beaten track. It is wise to start with a plain base colour, for example cream or baby blue and create your primary theme by accessorising. This way it is unlikely to look over the top or too chaotic.

Think outside the box. There are plenty of token boat models and decorative seagulls out there, and you will have to live with these accessories day in, day out. Opting for a selection of practical statements is your best bet for utilising space effectively whilst remaining stylish. Searchlights are a great place to start. There are some fantastic versions out there, and they kill two birds with one stone - lighting the room whilst looking stunning.

Another breath taking yet practical option, which has been used in many interior style magazines and seaside hotels, is a giant telescope in front of your favourite sea view. A floor standing telescope will provide you with priceless views for decades, and so definitely worth the investment. Rope themed accessories are a fantastic addition too, personifying the on trend shabby chic style. A rope twist theme can come to life in many forms - from trays to mirrors to wine buckets. Team all of these wonderful accessories with a modern print or two and your dream interior retreat can come to life!

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