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The Important Elements of Traditional Pakistani Wedding Dresses

The bridal dress in a Pakistani wedding is one of the greatest highlights of the occasion, signifying the rich culture of the couple's traditional background and the tremendous beauty of the bride.

Different Sorts of Pakistani Wedding Dresses

Since the wedding dress plays a major role in this Pakistani customary affair, it is of great significance not only for its beauty but also for the symbolic patterns and icons integrated into its design which represent the Pakistani way of life. Below are a few of the Pakistani wedding dress types that you could choose from:

Ghagra Choli

Lots of ladies opt to wear this gorgeous type of dress that comes in a skirt and top combination. With a low neck and a tight-fitting bodice, this dress is ideal for showing the lovely figure of a woman. It is often in midriff style too, revealing the stomach area and navel of the wearer. The decorative stitching, colorful materials, and charming embroidery will make any bride stand out and glow with charm on her wedding day.

Wedding Sari

Sari material for a wedding dress in Pakistan is very common, providing a sophisticated and trendy touch to your look. Frequently lots of brides pick the traditional red hues along with golden embroidery. There are some who opt for a more modern and Western twist as they go for the Sari in a white or off-white shade.


You may also select this for your wedding attire, often consisting of a fitted top and matching flowing pants. This ensemble is extremely comfortable and is typically colorful too. Shades of pink, red, and purple are frequently used for this kind of wedding outfit.

There are various other kinds of Pakistani wedding dresses that you could additionally avail. It is truly up to you to choose which one you feel most beautiful and comfy in.

Wearing the Dupatta

One essential aspect that will complete your entire look for this big celebration is the veil, also called the Dupatta. It is made from a very light material that flows freely but glistens and enhances your elegance with its rich embroidery. It covers the bride's face and cascades down her shoulders. Indeed you ought to choose an attractive one that will match your Pakistani bridal dress.

Choice of Colors and Materials

The most common color that brides wear in a Pakistani wedding is red. More and more bride-to-bes are selecting various other colors to wear depending on their preferences, cultural beliefs, and more often than not their skin color and type.

Different kinds of silk, satin, chiffon, crepe, and georgette materials are being utilized for such wedding dresses. You could try looking at a few of these first before deciding on the best one for yourself which will also make you feel at ease.

Addition of Embellishments

Fine handiwork counts a lot in Pakistani wedding dresses which are not complete without the decorations or add-ons. The embroidery, for one, is an important component of these dresses. There is a number of materials used such as sequins, beads, gemstones, crystals, and silver and gold threads for highlighting the appearance.

With these important elements in place, you are all set to pick out the wedding dress that matches you best or to have one customized for the special event that serves as a vital part of your life.

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