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The Importance Of Writing A Will

Although passing away is not something we talk about or even think about, as we grow older it is unfortunately inevitable and matters should really be addressed to ensure that our estate is shared as we wanted it.

Many people pass away without having written a will. This can cause problems not only within the remaining family but problems can also arise if the person owns property abroad or has outstanding debts. By writing a will we ensure that all of our debts are covered and any property, vehicles or cash is then divided between family or friends as we wished. In some known cases, property abroad has been claimed by the countries Government if the deceased failed to write a will and has no known next of kin in the country.

Writing your will can be achieved in a few easy steps. Once you have decided on how your estate and assets is to be split then you will need to get in touch with a lawyer. The lawyer will ensure that all documents are in place and that everything has been covered. You will need to advise them on everything you owe and own and ensure that a person is named in the will to be contacted upon your death. The will need to be signed and witnessed at a court or notary to be legal.

You can even download the relevant forms necessary to write a will online. Numerous sites are available which also help you through the process of writing a will. It is important that you still get this document signed at a Notary to ensure that is it legal and binding.

Passing away without leaving a will can cause your assets to be frozen for a number of months, sometimes years, whilst probate is organised. Making a will avoids any problems arising after your death concerning your estate.

Many families have been divided following the death of a loved one. Problems can easily arise within families if no will is left and the deceased owned property or left an amount of money. By writing a will family members can be left to carry on with the rest of their lives without having to worry about their loved ones estate.

Once your will has been written advise a family member or close friend of where the will has been left to avoid any delays in dividing your estate.

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