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The Difference Between Deep Tissue Massage and Swedish Massage

There might be few strokes that are similar between deep tissue and swedish massage but they are totally different. Many people think that a deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage however it is not. Each type of massage is described below.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is focuses on the affected deeper tissue structure of the muscles. It also aims to improve the connective tissue, known as fascia.

- It applies a few numbers of similar techniques and movements with the Swedish massage however the movements of a deep tissue massage requires more pressure. The deep tissue massage is a more focused massage as the therapist tends to attend on relieving the tension of muscles as well as the muscular knots, or adhesions.

- It treats both small muscle injuries and most chronic problems. This type of massage is an excellent way to heal whiplash injury or a sports injury. Spasms can also be aided by receiving a deep tissue massage.

- Physicians sometimes recommend a deep tissue massage therapy for the pain of Fibromyalgia or Osteoarthritis. It also helps to correct posture problems.

- While it also uses various oils or lotions however the application may vary at times where deep work is needed and lubricants are not necessary.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most commonly requested massage therapy, utilizing a firm pressure on the muscles.

- It involves performing a series of long yet gliding strokes, kneads the muscles and makes some vibrating taps on the body. The therapists focus on improving the blood circulation, relaxing the tension in the body's muscles and improving the muscles' flexibility.

- It is usually offered to increase the flow of oxygen in the blood as well as releasing toxins from the body. It can really shorten the recovery time for a muscular strain by simply flushing the toxins like excessive lactic acids, uric acids, and other type of metabolic wastes out of the body tissues.

- Its purpose is to increase the circulation of blood without actually increasing the workload of the heart. It stretches the ligaments and tendons to release stiffness. It kindles the skin and the nervous system to soothe the nerves.

- It helps reduce both emotional and physical stress. In fact this is a staple in most stress management programs. It is also included in various other therapeutic procedures.

- A Swedish massage uses essential oils to reduce friction in rubbing and kneading techniques as well as getting the aromatherapy benefits.

- The deep tissue and swedish massage have the same benefits, stress reliever. However, there are pressure points that will be specifically targeted whenever you desire a different relaxing result.

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