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Termite Or White Ant Treatment Plus Prevention Suggestions

All home owners dread the thought of having termites anywhere around their homes. These little insects, which are also known as "white ants", can cause incredibly costly damage to a house. What makes a pest infestation even more terrible is that it can occur without you recognizing: you possibly will not know that termites have already eaten plenty of wood within your house until something breaks down and falls apart. Pest infestations can happen for a long time and, if not treated, can cause severe damage that makes the house unsafe and less valuable.

While it's possible for a termite infestation to go unseen, this doesn't indicate that you can't avoid termites from attacking your home. There are lots of ways to detect termites even before they cause serious damage to your home, and the most reliable technique is by baiting.

Baiting simply refers to the concept of placing materials that are attractive to termites in ideal places around the house. One of the most commonly used components consist of cardboard as well as Tasmanian oak, and these can be put in areas that are easily accessible to termites, like near expansion joints in concrete, previously damaged wood, or piles of wood in the yard.

As soon as these traps are placed, white ant "scouts"-or termites that are tasked with finding food sources for the colony-will see them and finally guide the colony to the trap. There is certainly one sure sign that termites have taken the bait, and that's when traces of soil are located within the trap. This is because termites usually create tunnels of mud within through timber to minimize exposure to heat as well as sunlight from the outside.

As soon as termites start eating the wood or cardboard within the traps, home owners can then apply some substances to start removing the termites present. These chemicals may either be insecticides that kill those that come into contact with the substance. Some pest control experts also employ chemicals that repel termites from the treated place. However, the most efficient substances for termite treatment are termiticides that not merely prevent continuing development of termites that eat it, but also can be taken back to the nest by termites that touch it. This type of chemical helps to ensure that the entire colony is eradicated, and thus, future attacks from the same colony are no longer possible.

To prevent termites from infesting your property, it's best to continuously keep an eye on traps that are setup around the home. In addition, also make efforts to reduce or eliminate dampness in wooden parts of the home because this can cause the corrosion of wood, which is very attractive to termites. Sufficient exposure to the sun helps dry out wood and is resistant to termites, thus keeping the property safe for many years.

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