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Redecorating And Fixing Up The House

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Hello Mates. I run a small business of contracting, plumbing and electrical work. I fix up other people's houses and offices. All my friends and family appreciate my work. The one thing they all disagree with me is my resolute nature regarding my own house. Well I have this small house with a garden in the outskirts of the city. It's been like this since ages - since my dad's childhood days and I want to keep it as it was like a museum. The most common fight I have with my wife and kids is when they bring up the topic of redecorating the house which I completely ignore.

However, things turned against me in such a manner that I had to redecorate the house. It was last year during summer months. The summer was getting hotter day by day and the authorities had issued a warning about bushfires. Initially the bushfire was at a location far from my place but since we were on the edge of the forest there was a possibility that the fire may turn and reach this side thereby endangering our property. We were advised by the authorities to move to a safer location till the danger had passed. I waited for a day and as the air grew thick with ash and danger became all too evident, I moved with my family to my in-laws house. I couldn't sleep the whole night thinking about my house. Finally we got the news that things were under control and we could move back.

We reached our house and it was just devastating to watch - my garden was all black my house was grey in colour covered with soot and ash the entire area changed from lush green to grey and black. Though the fire didn't reach the house the heat wave and smoke had destroyed the façade of the house. After the initial shock we started to clean the house and the surroundings, and my wife said, "Oh dear now you have to redecorate the house". I grinned at her and agreed to renovate the entire house.

We thought of adding a floor with two separate bedrooms for the kids, change the weatherboards, painting and landscaping. Of the many house cladding options available we chose the maintenance free, light and insulated one. The soffit and eaves lining were my wife's choice as she wanted a very decorative one to add to the house an old time charm along with the modern benefits. We extended the kitchen to accommodate a large dining table and also set up a brand new barbeque grill on the lawns. All these years of fixing other people's houses finally I fixed up my house too which was a very nice and satisfying experience.

We celebrated by calling over friends for a barbeque party that went late into the night!

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