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Puff In Peace With Packaging Stickers For Cigarettes

In order to notify the general public concerning the unwanted side effects of cigarette smoking, the government has recently passed a law requesting all cigarettes be presented in simple, olive eco-friendly product packaging only, with the brand name in smaller, simple print. This means all packs have now been stripped of their colourful designs, brand logos and desirable images. The only pictures you'll see would be graphic, close-up photographs of decayed organs and diseases that medical doctors say cigarettes can give, with the appropriate health warning text.

Most people who smoke find the images too graphic for their taste. They find it too difficult that they now have to be more watchful about where they set down their packs otherwise they will offend other people-or worse, have them noticed by young children. In addition, with smoking as their way to relax or take a break, the fear-provoking labels leads them to question: "Where's the enjoyment in that?"

If you're one of those cigarette smokers who would rather have their puff in peace, the right way to hide the plain yet graphic packaging is to use stickers for cigarettes. They're easy-to-use and easy-to-put-on covers for your cigarette packs so that you will be able to enjoy your cigarette break without anxiety or guilt. Leading cigarette sticker manufacturers offer different designs to match the smoker's individuality, artistic style or mood.

There's no uncertainty that cigarette stickers are one of the most controversial new products presented sold in the market these days. After all, it's a blatant disregard for what the government has ordered its citizens. But most buyers of cigarette box wraps point out that this issue is in fact an additional reason why they still support the product. They feel that as customers in a free world, no one need to determine what they could or couldn't purchase for their personal satisfaction.

The box wraps aren't only designed to conceal the government-sanctioned product packaging. Once you know where to get them on the internet, they can even be an exciting way to customise your cigarette packages. The covers can feature colourful illustrations, stylish photos or funny slogans-it's your cigarette, it's your choice. The most popular items include the "Don Draper" concept for the gentleman tobacco enthusiast and the hilariously naughty statement stickers for the ultimate macho. Apart from being a fun mode of self-expression, cigarette stickers also make wonderful gift choices. Give your best pals or your office buddies personalized cigarette cases on special occasions, and you'll make sure that the cases can remain memorable mementos long after the tobacco have all been used up.

You could choose among the great styles of stickers for cigarettes.

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