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Preparing Trees For Pruning

Knowing how to properly look after a tree is not common knowledge, and is a lot trickier than some may imagine. Dead wooding and tree crown reduction are just two of the many techniques used by tree surgeons to ensure trees are pruned correctly to stay healthy and grow properly. Read on to find the best techniques for pruning trees to keep them healthy.

Why Do Trees Need Pruning?

Tree surgeons are trained in all fields related to trees, particularly when it comes to determining a trees health, and whether anything needs to be done to restore it. Pruning a tree ensures it stays healthy if done correctly and at the right time. Tree crown reduction on a large tree won't make it smaller in size - pruning a tree regularly removes any dead branches, making way for new ones to grow more quickly. Pruning is not as simple as picking up a pair of shears and snipping away at a tree, it's far more complicated than that. Read on to find out more.

When Is The Best Time Of Year For Pruning?

Knowing the best time of year to prune a tree depends on the type of tree. Deciduous trees (ones that lose their leaves in winter) should be pruned in autumn and winter. However magnolias and walnuts should be pruned in late summer as they can heal quicker. To find out when the best time to prune any tree, contact a tree surgeon and they can tell you. Although it's unusual for trees to die from premature pruning, it can damage and weaken the trunk and branches, so make sure you only prune a tree at the right time.

Tree Crown Reduction: What Is It?

Tree crown reduction is the process of removing part of the top canopy of the tree. This can be for a number of purposes, to either allow more light into a property or to reduce the size of a tree to avoid colliding with cables. Tree crown reduction is also used to improve a trees health and overall shape. As dead branches are pruned from the top of the canopy, newer branches can grow more quickly, and branches and buds lower down the tree have access to more light when the canopy is pruned.

Why Dead Wooding Is Important To Pruning

Dead wooding is the name given to the process of removing dead or diseased wood, broken branches and stubs left from previous tree pruning operations. Dead wooding, unlike tree crown reduction is imperative for the safety of pedestrians, as dead or broken branches can fall from the tree at anytime. Dead wooding must be carried out regularly so that walkways remain safe and so new branches can grow properly.

Pruning trees is a skilled job that takes years of training and practice to master. Tree crown reduction and dead wooding are just two of the many different pruning techniques used regularly to keep trees healthy and to allow them to grow properly.

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