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New Cupboards: New Kitchen

When one considers how much time the average family spends in the kitchen you can understand why it is important to have this be an impressive space that you feel comfortable in. Many people know that a few upgrades in this space translates to an increase in resale value for your home. On the other hand people are frequently looking for ways to update their kitchen without making expensive renovations. Painting your kitchen cupboards is a great way to get a big impact without paying a substantial amount of money. This is a job that can yield big results but requires a lot of work. It is therefore encouraged that you enlist experienced cabinet workman who have done this before. They will be able to bring their experience from previous jobs and know what types of products will work best on your cabinets. You might also want to consult them on the proper steps if you insist on doing it yourself.

In order to get a professional look the workers will need to follow a few key steps. To begin the project you or they will need to take off the faces of the cabinets. The last thing you want to do is to finish the project and then not have any screws to put them back up, so make sure that you put all of them together in one place. Also remember to mark on each door its location in the kitchen.

They should use brown paper and blue tape in order to protect the existing paint on the walls. A deglosser will work effectively to rid the cabinets of grime. While a fine-grained sandpaper will work to create a little texture so the next step will stick appropriately.

Wipe down the cabinets and apply a thin layer of lacquer. This will be the time to fill any holes with putty. After this they will sand again, being careful to remove any trace of particles. The cabinet refinishers will then repeat the above steps.

You will know that you are going to have a great final outcome if you see them taking the time to do each step with fidelity. There is a lot of repetition as they will have to sand and wipe down any dust at each stage and each layer, but in order to get great results that last you will want to make sure that they are following this precisely. In addition these steps can not be rushed as the layers need to dry completely. You will know the project is almost done when a clear sealant is spread over the faces of your cabinets.

You will want to examine your cabinets to see that there aren't any drips. If there is anything you are not satisfied with communicate this with the installers. You might consider having them finish with a glaze, which will give them depth and a nice appearance.

When you walk in to your finished kitchen and look at your newly painted cabinets it is our goal to make sure that you are satisfied and look back on the experience with wonderful memories of working with our professional team.

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