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Many Things Like Hair Removal To Liquid Facelifts That Can Be Performed At Med Spas

Did you know that a regular spa cannot perform medical related procedures? Only a med-spa can do it. Modern med-spas are offering a variety of non-invasive procedures on your face and body which will make you look and feel good. And these med-spas are operated and employed by physicians and specialists who are board certified in their chosen field.

What services can I avail from a med-spa?

Liquid Facelift - This is a non-surgical treatment for men and women who wants to eliminate or erase wrinkles and fine lines caused by premature aging. You can most definitely say that this is fountain of youth in an injection and without the scalpel. It takes about one hour to do the procedure and guess what, you are assured that recovery time is quick and results can be seen immediately.

Botox - Do you want your face and neck to get toned and firm so that you will look your age but a very young looking you at your age? Do you get the sense of that? Botox will make you look so radiant people will forget that you are in your 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's or even 70's! This is a guarantee, with Botox, you will look at least 10 years younger without so much effort.

IPL Laser - Do you have a terrible case of acne, brown spots, freckles or blotchy skin? If you are a victim of these symptoms, then, IPL laser is for you. It is a collagen-inducing treatment which activates your natural body cells (melanin and capillaries) on the face to produce collagen and repair the damage on your skin. No needles or injections for this treatment.

Fraxel Laser - Do you have melasma or acne scars? Is you skin damaged by sun exposure or has wrinkles? Fraxel laser will be the best treatment for you if you have these conditions. There are two Fraxel procedures called Fraxel Repair and Fraxel Restore. Fraxel Repair is for those who possess superficial aging conditions. It will tone the skin to make it looking youthful and smooth. Fraxel Restore is for those who possess the graver skin conditions.

Skin Peel - There are more than 6 treatments on skin peeling and all of which have different uses but one end result - clearer, fairer and more beautiful skin. This is the ultimate goal. A skin peel renews your skin and it will regenerate on its own. Old skin cells will be peeled off while a new and fairer dermis shines through. Each person has a different skin type and with this require different skin peeling treatments. There is no one treatment good for all package but a unique one on one skin peeling therapy.

These are just 5 of the most popular skin services you will get from a med-spa which are medical related. Of course, you can have laser hair removal services which is common of a regular spa. But if you want the best skin, go to a med-spa.

If you are looking for things like hair removal to liquid facelifts then visit to find a med spa that provides those services.

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