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Learning Is Fun With Kids' Bean Bags

Kids' bean bags are very popular in a lot of play schools and day care centers simply due to the fact that they are budget friendly tools for the growth and development of the little ones. At the same time, they can also be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. Find below is a list of reasons as to why having these sacks of beans is very advantageous in a lot of learning centers.

1. Bean bag games are helpful in the development of the gross and motor skills of young boys and girls.

• To improve the balancing skills of a child, place a bean bag on top of this head and have him walk on a straight line. The mechanic of this activity is for him not to let the thing on his head fall off. To make it a little more challenging, have him touch an object on the floor while he keeps the ting sack of beans on his head.

• The coordination of children is also improved while they play. Tossing games are perfect in developing the hand and eye coordination of the kids. To do this, teach the toddlers how to gently toss and catch the plushy items they are holding. More advance kids can also do basic juggling in order to further improve the coordination of his eyes and hands.

2. They make learning new things a whole lot fun and entertaining.

• Children tend to learn quickly if you present them different objects as an example. For this very reason, basic things such as colors and shapes can be taught to children with the use of these attractive materials.

• For older pre-schoolers, simple addition and subtraction can be taught to them with the use of these tiny plush pillows as props.

3. They are perfect for play time and nap time.

• During play time, the little ones can enjoy a couple of games that make use of these items. One of the most popular games is the hot potato. This activity is quite similar to "trip to Jerusalem" and would require the kids to pass the bag around while the music is playing. Whoever is holding the "hot potato" when the music stops is going to be eliminated.

• Oversized bean bag chairs are not only great substitutes for traditional living room couches but they are also excellent make shift beds. After a long day of fun and learning, teachers can put these gigantic sacks of beans in the middle of the classroom and have the kids use them as a place to nap.

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