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If You Discover Mold In Your Home Attic Don't Underestimate The Potential Health Risks

Mold is a serious condition that can develop in a home or business establishment. It is usually caused by water leaks or living in a damp climate. One form of mold is often found on old bread or other foodstuffs, another kind is found anywhere there is continued moisture. It is a fungi and there a tens of thousands of different kinds, shapes and colors in existence. Penicillium, Aspergillus, Cladosporium and Alternaria are the most common found around homes.

It grows best where there are damp, warm and humid conditions and once started quickly spreads and reproduces. Mold can cause physical discomfort for people who are living or working in an area where it exists. Common maladies are eye or skin irrigation, wheezing and nasal stuffiness. In severe cases it can lead to fever, upper track respiratory problems, shortness of breath and other problems.

Some people are unaware that mold is sometimes present that is not visible to the naked eye. One location where this often exists is in the attic of a building. This is especially true if there is sweating, a leak in the roof or lack of attic ventilation. An unvented attic is warm and humid and, together with a water leak or sweat, provides the perfect location for mold to develop and multiply. Unfortunately in some cases mold may result in the need for complete roof replacement.

When attic mold is suspected it is important that you receive an assessment by a professional. They have the experience to determine what is causing the mold and explain what is needed to remove it. When working on the job their personnel will be wearing safety masks and special clothing to prevent them from inhaling any of the mold spores. They ordinarily use mold remediation equipment such as High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters and Scrubbers as well as environment friendly cleaning materials. An air exchange machine will be used to remove the mold and provide clean air. They will also install an attic ventilation device if needed.

When the mold is in a small area it can often be removed by simply scrubbing the area with bleach or a mold removing solution. However, it is important to determine exactly what is causing the problem and eliminate it. If you choose to do the cleanup be sure to use rubber gloves, eye goggles and a breathing mask. If possible wear coveralls or old clothing that can be washed immediately after the job is done. When dealing with something as serious as removing attic mold it is imperative that the proper safety issues be observed.

If there are items in the attic that have been exposed to the mold they need to be carefully handled. Loose materials such as linens, stuffed toys and clothing should be bagged up and disposed of as they will contain mold spores and are contaminated. Furniture or carpets should be cleaned by a professional.

Dealing with mold should be taken very seriously due to the potential healh hazards. The experts with Jarvis flooding and restoration teams have over 30 years of experience in cleaning and remediating mold in resdidential and commercial properties. You can learn more online at or by visiting where you can research additional tips for cleaning and repairing mold damaged properties.

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