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How To Start An Exercise Program Safely And Without Injuries

Most people have a New Year's resolution to lose more weight and get in shape. Yoga, spinning and all other kinds of exercise classes are filling up this time of year. Most people don't research their fitness regime enough or don't see a health professional before they start their routine. Many people exercise vigorously with little or improper supervision and those are the people most at risk at getting injured.

The first thing you need to be concerned about when starting an exercise or fitness regime is how to not injure yourself. Many chiropractors, orthopedic surgeons and spine doctor receive a lot of new customers once someone start to work out without proper training or supervision on how to do it not only effectively but also safely. Many fitness instructors do not have medical backgrounds and have little knowledge or bio-mechanics or anatomy so it is very easy to get injured, especially if it is a vigorous and challenging program. Common injuries include pulling hamstrings, tendonitis, disc herniations as well as all kind of mysterious chronic pain maladies that can come up.

Most people do not start with a conditioning program first to gently ease their body back into shape. Those people are the most at risk of getting injured since they are highly motivated but their body is ill-prepared to start in intense regime.

Before choosing a gym, exercise program or personal trainer you should arm yourself with knowledge on how to condition your body first with dynamic stretching routines so you don't pull a muscle first and foremost. Walking is among one of the safest forms of exercise so start to get your cardiovascular health up first by doing about thirty minutes of vigorous walking a day. If that feels like a big time commitment, make walking dates with friends and family or take the dog with you. Even kids enjoy a nice vigorous walk and will enjoy this uninterrupted time with you. Have your next date night be a beautiful walk in the park or the beach and then enjoy a picnic or leisurely cup of coffee or tea afterwards.

When choosing a program, make sure the fitness staff is well-versed in how to prevent injuries as well as how to work with people that have various medical conditions and keep them safe.

Have a workout buddy to go on on your workouts with you. You can connect with your friend as well as keep each other accountable. Encourage each other when you are feeling discouraged and cheer each other on as you make strides in your workouts.

Amy Baker the owner of Bodylogic Pilates - She earned her BFA degree in Dance at the University of Colorado and her teaching certificate from the internationally renowned PILATES Center of Boulder in 2002. In 2009, she completed Body Language, a 200 hr anatomy study with Thomas Myers, the author of Anatomy Trains. Andrea s also a Zero Balancing practitioner certification candidate.

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