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How To Solve Your Carpet Cleaning Problems

There are many methods to try and solve your carpet cleaning problems but unfortunately most of them only offer partial solutions, and some don't even offer any kind of real solution at all.

Vacuuming your carpets regularly which most people do does remove the surface dust and some dirt from the surface of them, but does not always remove ingrained dirt and grit that can accumulate in the fibres of the carpet.

A more effective method than vacuuming alone is shampooing, it normally reaches deeper into the carpet fibres; dirt is normally left crystalised on the surface of the carpet which has to be vacuumed of the next day. There are problems with this method however; it can leave a sticky residue on the surface of the carpet, and a lot of dirt is still left within the carpet.

Stains can cause a real problem for carpets if not treated properly to remove them immediatly, or as soon as possible after they occur; this can be a real problem on brightly coloured carpets like white or beige which show all the marks. Stains like orange juice, tea, coffee, red wine, grease and general food stains can really destroy their appearance, as well as causing lasting damage.

Another solution to solve the carpet staining problem is to buy carpets that are already treated by the manufacturer for stains and soil; this treatment normally forms an invisible layer or coating on the surface of the carpet, so when they are stained the stain in most cases if treated straight away can normally be wiped of the surface of the carpet using a slightly wet absorbent cloth and some mild shampoo or carpet stain remover if necessary, because it sits on top of the carpets protective coating rather than in the carpet itself.

Although these carpets are resistant to stains and soil, it is not a guarantee that all stains can be removed. Stains should still be treated straight away to have the best chance of removing them, and not left to soak into the carpet. Also these carpets still need to be cleaned for dirt and soil, but the actual process of cleaning them should be a lot easier because they have been already treated for stains and soil by the manufacturers, and the dirt and stains rather than being deep in the carpet should sit much more on their surface, thus making the whole cleaning process easier.

Another problem with carpets that can affect their cleaning is the way they are constructed. Some carpets, even though they are not stain resistant like many types of tufted eighty percent wool, twenty percent nylon, or other artificial fibre can be quite resistant to stains and soil, and when cleaned, particularly by a professional hot water extraction process can come up in many cases almost like new, if they have been reasonably well looked after.

Other cheaper kinds of carpet like many cords and synthetic foam backed carpets, and loopy or berber type of carpets are not very resistant to stains and soil, and even when cleaned by professionals using the hot water extraction process will not come up very well, and may still look quite dirty and stained. This is not to say that all cheaper carpets are the same, even some expensive wool carpets particularly light colours, if mistreated can be very difficult to clean. A lot depends on the user and how the carpets are treated and maintained.

Often the best method to solve your carpet cleaning problems is to always buy carpets that are practical; not too light in colour so as not to show the dirt and stains; are of reasonable quality, are stain resistant, and have them cleaned regularly, preferably by a professional carpet cleaning firm which uses the hot water extraction method of cleaning. This method is very effective for removing ingrained dirt and stains from them, and can extend their life for many years, avoiding the cost of early replacement.

The Author Clive Sabin runs a long established local Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Company based in Golders Green North london.
With many years of experience he is regularly asked by his customers for advise on how best to look after their carpets and Upholstered Fabrics; advise for questions like how to remove stains and how often their carpets should be cleaned are constantly asked.

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