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How to Make a Terrarium

A terrarium is a fun and inexpensive way to add a touch of green to a room. They make for great accent pieces and are super-easy to assemble. Read on to learn how to make terrariums.

Terrarium Supplies

First, gather all necessary supplies. You'll need: gardening gloves, small pebbles or rocks, potting soil, a glass container (any shape or size you want), terrarium plants (see below for varieties), watering can, activated charcoal pieces, sheet moss and a mixing bowl. That's it!

Types of Terrarium Plants

Aquamarine, Spider Fern, Nerve Plant, Swedish Ivy, Moon Valley, Croton, Baby Tears, Dragon Tree and Lemon Button Fern are among the most popular terrarium plants. They are all small, hardy plants that require minimal maintenance.

Putting a Terrarium Together

Put on your gardening gloves and start by covering the bottom of the terrarium container with pebbles. This creates a drainage system for the plants. Then layer about five centimetres of activated charcoal. This prevents the growth of bacteria and keeps water fresh.

Mix remaining charcoal with potting soil and transfer this mixture to the terrarium container to fill up about a third of the container. Make sure to pat down the mixture gently but firmly to get rid of air pockets. Next, carefully take the terrarium plants out of their original pots and place them on the soil within the terrarium container. Start with the largest plant and arrange all plants in a way that you can add more soil later if needed. Once you're happy with the arrangement of the plants, tuck them into the soil using your hands. Make sure all the roots are covered by soil and that the plants don't reach too far outside the glass container. Again, tap the soil firmly to avoid the formation of air pockets inside the terrarium.

Next, it is time to layer some moss on the soil between each plant to give your terrarium a lush green look. Finally, water your terrarium (be careful not to over-soak the soil) and place it in an area that gets indirect sunlight.

How to Maintain a Terrarium

Terrariums require minimal maintenance. Depending on the type of plants you've chosen, you will need to water the terrarium every few days or weeks. Once the plants begin to thrive, you may need to trim the branches that grow outside the container.

Terrariums of any size are adorable and eye-catching accessories that add charm to any décor. Place one on your desk, by the kitchen window, in a quiet corner, or by the pool and watch as this little jar of green transforms the space.

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