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How To Conceive That Boy You Have Always Dreamt Of

Contrary to public opinion that it's the female who establishes whether a baby would be a girl or a boy, it's actually the sperm from the male that is accountable for such. The guy's sperm contains two chromosomes: X and Y. In contrast, the woman's egg carries only the X chromosome. The X-sperm on uniting with a woman's egg cell produces a girl. The Y chromosome bearing sperm on uniting with the woman's egg cell produces a boy baby.

The following are the steps on how to have a boy.

It is very important remember that the larger chromosome is the X one while the Y chromosome is commonly smaller but nonetheless swims quicker.

The couple must find out exactly the moment the female has her ovulation. It is highly recommended that a couple must make love no less than 24 hours ahead of the ovulation time and no greater than 12 hours into the ovulation time. It's to increase the likelihood of getting a baby boy. Making love late after the time of ovulation dramatically decreases the chances of having a boy.

The first step would be for a lady to make note of her own cervical mucosa. Prior to ovulating, the cervical mucus appears raw egg white. At this moment, it's normally highly stretchy and watery. She must note this down for around 2 to 3 cycles to establish reliability before attempting to get a boy. This is to make it possible for one to discover her precise time of ovulation.

Step two is when the female notes down her BBT concurrently with the first task. It's to be double sure regarding the ovulation time and to improve the precision of the first step. She will need to purchase a BBT thermometer in the local drug store. Before doing anything else every day, one must take the temperatures and take note of it. Taking temperatures after engaging in other activities may result to incorrect numbers. It will be found that in ovulation times, temperatures tend to increase a bit. This is the sign that the female has already ovulated. Using these recorded observations in a period of two to three cycles, one could already attempt to get a boy at the start of ovulation when temperature readings would be fairly consistent.

The next task is for one to purchase a kit for ovulation prediction. Such kit ascertains the precise time when the lady will be ovulating. This kit determines the woman's LH which is released right before ovulation. It's suggested for the woman to utilize this kit at least two times a day around 11 AM and three in the afternoon and between 5 PM and ten in the evening so as to capture the differences as soon as possible. The ovulation will probably occur twenty four hours after testing positive. There is a high probability that partners may have a baby boy considering all the points above mentioned.

An individual can already implement the tips mentioned above to have a boy. But in case you would like to be certain and need more information, kindly read more here:

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