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Fang-Tastic!: Fresh Vampire Romance For You To Put Your Teeth Into

The vampire category in literary works made a great progress since Bram Stoker's "Dracula." These days, vampires can walk among mortals in daylight. They reside in suburbs and go out with the cool youngsters in schools. In addition they chase werewolves and opt for combats to eliminate the species. They have partners and deal with domestic concerns - in a unique way. Gone are the days of vampires hiding out in their gothic, palatial homes during the day and searching for fresh, preferably nubile blood throughout the night. This year, you can even find more intriguing and distinctive new vampire novels to sink your teeth into.

As opposed to the vampire novels of the old days, today's titles come in various installments. You can find vampire books released like a series for example "The Vampire Diaries," "Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter," "Sookie Stackhouse" (known on television as "True Blood"), "The Night Life," "All Souls Trilogy," as well as a whole slew of other vampire literature. The blast of multiple series on the blood-soaked genre implies the seemingly never-ending desire for vampire tales. With reader curiosity spiking, writers come up with more seductive stories that combine into other genres just like romance, adventure, and fantasy. Some new titles even include wild, new vampire sidekicks.

"Timeslider," a first in the vampire series by Cherokee Stein Ross, includes a time-traveling, hyper-intelligent and telepathic cat. The uncommonly gifted feline might just give Sookie Stackhouse a run for her money. The cat's master is Renata, a small-town faculty member who happens to be a vampire. Renata suppresses her natural abilities and urges with regular injections of a substance referred to as thanadoxicil produced by a physician who also happens to be one powerful vampire. The trouble begins when Renata confronts the Vampire Authority as well as its assassins. What happens then? Renata's telepathic, time-traveling, genius of a cat comes to her aid, that's what happens.

If you're trying to find a little more grit as well as darkness with your vampire reads, "The Liverpool Vampire" by Michael Pugh may just satiate your craving for the dark and heavy. Pugh's vampire tale has no romance and no seduction - merely pure blood. The story is told in two parts: in 1925, when the vampire is simply commencing his rule of terror as a murderer, and in 1965 during a murder investigation of a young woman. In addition, Pugh published a follow-up called "Judgement of the Vampire," that takes place eleven years after the mishaps in the first book.

If you'd alternatively sink your teeth into a latest vampire romance title, Laurell K. Hamilton's series "Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter" is coming out with a whole new release known as "Affliction." Hamilton's book has turned into a cult favorite, seducing countless readers with the magnetic romance (or love/hate relationship) between Anita and master vampire, Jean Claude.

You can find hundreds more new releases under the vampire category, which can simply mean that you have wide ranging alternatives. To narrow down your selection, check out book reviews as well as blogs committed to the popular genre.

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