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Advantages Of Choosing A Wool Mattress Pad

Whether you are a family oriented individual who toils everyday to make ends meet, a workaholic boss who runs a team of employees, an employee who battles against pressure at work, a student who hurdles challenges at school, or you're just simply enjoying life to its fullest, at the end of the day, there is only one place that you all would want to climb into to rest and refuel lost energies - the bed. Here, you can cuddle with your loved ones and strengthen bonds, or you can simply lie and sleep your troubles away. Whichever way, it is utterly important to make sure that your bed is comfortable enough to lie in. A mattress pad would greatly help in this matter and a big advantage can be gained by choosing a wool mattress pad.

- Exquisite softness of the wool material

One advantage of this type of mattress pad is its exquisite softness. Wool is springy to the touch and has a built-in elasticity that resists body impressions because of its naturally crimped fibers. With this, wool fibers provide a cushioning support to your body which enables you to sleep soundly at night.

- Versatile

However, mattress pads built with wool material are not only limited to night use. Wool has the unique ability to act as a natural thermostat and insulator. It regulates the body's temperature while sleeping. When it is cool during the night, the wool fibers trap your body heat providing you with the warmth sufficient enough to let you sleep comfortably. Likewise, it is suitable to use during warm days because of its wicking capacity and its hydrophilic ability, which means it readily absorbs moisture. When it is warm and you begin sweating, the wool fibers wick the moisture of your sweat and direct it to its core, making you feel dry and cool. So, these mattress pads can readily be used anytime of the day, regardless of the weather.

- Durable and Safe to use

In addition to being comfortable, mattress pads made from wool are also more durable and safer to use compared to cotton and some synthetic fibers. Wool has lower rate of flame or fire conduction, which means it does not easily catch fire, has low heat release, and does not melt or drip.

- Hypoallergenic

Lastly, wool is considered by medical professionals to be hypoallergenic, making mattress pads made from this material one of the healthiest options on the market. It is resistant to mildew, bacteria, harmful microorganisms, dust mites, and mold.


So, there you go! If you think that your bed is not good enough to ease your body pains, mind worries, and spiritual exhaustion, then a wool mattress pad can be a wonderful and rewarding addition to the ease and comfort of your plain bed. And, why settle for something that is made of synthetic materials when there is a natural solution to your sleeping discomfort? Wool is a material that can aid and give you supreme relaxation at a time when you are supposed to be really relaxing.

Laura Wheelock is the creator of Cool Wicking PJs, an online store specializing in moisture wicking products to relieve night sweats, hot flashes, and sweating at night. For more information on a wool mattress pad, which also wicks moisture, visit

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