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Why Incorporating Prescription Drugs And Alcohol Is Really A Bad Idea

There are countless cases of drug and alcohol overdose that ended up bad. Some people believe that incorporating alcohol with sleeping pills or prescription medicine is safe. They are very much mistaken; doctors prohibit mixing any kind of prescription medication or sleeping pills to liquor or alcohol based drinks because of the negative effects it brings. Alcohol can enhance the potency of some prescription drugs and can lower a person's pulse rate that it can cause a cardiac arrest. Here are some examples and factors why combining alcohol and prescription medications is very dangerous.

1. Overdose - Some treatment centers and alcohol rehabs firmly prohibit the combination of prescription drugs and alcohol. Incorporating these two substances would either result in brain damage or drug overdose which could lead to immediate death. Liquor is a depressant so when coupled with some medications or pain killer will lower a person's heart rate which can result in death.

2. Dependency - There are many individuals who have developed an addiction for alcohol and drugs all at once. When it comes to incorporating alcohol and drugs they have a tendency to overdo their consumption of both in order to quickly feel its effects as a result making them vulnerable to drug or alcohol overdose. This is a type of addiction that most treatment centers and alcohol rehab centers are having a hard time curing. They would either cure both alcohol or drug addiction simultaneously or one at a time. Chances are a subject will probably develop mental conditions for the duration of the treatment program.

3. Famous overdose - There are many cases of famous celebrities or sports icons who have passed away due to drug overdose. These celebs take their prescription medicine together with liquor in order to feel more relaxed and in order to sleep. They are not aware that they are very susceptible to having an overdose because of the increase in potency of the medication they took. Or their pulse rate would lower significantly to a point where it may stop.

4. Psychosis - Mixing alcohol and prescription drugs not only lowers a person's heart rate but it may also cause slight or major psychosis. The term dual diagnosis is for individuals who have developed a psychological condition and is at the same time addicted to alcohol or drugs. Both addiction and mental condition is cured simultaneously in order to prevent their psychosis from growing even worse.

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