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Different Ways to Tie A Summer Scarf

Making little changes to your outfit give the illusion of a complete wardrobe makeover. Our favourite trick to attain this objective is to use spring or summer scarves and tie them in different styles. Here are our top picks for summer scarf styles complete with easy instructions:

French knot

This eternal Parisian classic scarf style is one of our favourites. Wear the scarf around your neck so both ends hang in the back. Cross both ends behind your neck and bring to the front. Adjust the loop so it sits comfortably around your neck. Tie a loose knot at one side of your neck and then tie another to secure the first knot.


Fold a square scarf to form a triangle and wear it around your neck so that the two ends of the scarf hang down your back and the pointy end sits on your chest. Tie the ends at the back, bring both ends forward, and hide them under the portion of the scarf sitting on your chest. Make sure to adjust for comfort.

Ascot wrap

This one's super easy to do and best suited for scarves in bright floral patterns. Wear the scarf with both ends hanging in the front. Fold one side over the other twice. Fold a third time, but this time, bring the end though the neck loop. Spread the scarf around the neck area so it covers the knots and the other end of the scarf underneath.

Slip knot

The most common way to tie a scarf and yet it never goes out of style. Fold the scarf in half so that both ends are a little bit uneven. Wear it around your neck in such a way that both the ends go into the loop created at the other end. Adjust the neck area for a snug or loose fit.


Looks complicated but isn't! Wear the scarf around your neck so one end hangs down the front longer than the other. Bring the long end over the short end and pull it through the neck loop from the bottom but not entirely. Pull in a manner that the long end creates a half loop on one side of your neck. Tie securely to form a half bow shape and spread the bow a bit.

Scarves in different shapes, colours and textures are a must-have for every woman. They add visual interest to any outfit and up your chic quotient without costing a whole lot of money. When wearing a scarf at night, use a brooch around the neck area for a more sophisticated look.

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