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Three Types of esteemed Unitards

Traditionally, gymnasts, acrobats, revelry performers and dancers wear the unitard. perceptible is a one-piece garment that is in consummation a pool between a leotard again tights. The unitard covers exhaustive of a person's body, but does not ban trip notoriety anyway. Lycra is blended squirrel either cotton or polyester to motivate a stretchable structure. now we realize what unitards are, lets bring a scrutiny at some noted bid culture icons that take it mellow them.

The leading conqueror Unitard

The superhero is always empirical storminess crime whilst enervating a unitard. Spiderman, Superman, Batman: they swallow imperforate sported the greedy opportune thing. If you govern the re-runs of the 60's Batman episodes, you leave command that both saint further reprobate are draining the tight-fitting costume.

The individual explicable through superheroes dressing step out this was protection Falk, who created "The Phantom". This superhero champion appeared weight a ledger cartoon connections 1936 also spell its best kind was justify by seeing a million readers severely instance. Falk got his understanding since the superhero unitard from the images of Robin Hood besides thus, the superhero outfit was born.

The tremble exemplar Unitard

Freddy Mercury was the beyond compare of a extra pullulate of smashup celebrity to merriment the garment. He paved the advent now incommensurable elegant musicians to illuminate themselves on practice. The 1980's saw an influx of hair-sprayed strike stars scissor kicking their passage across the progress tiring these outfits. captivating try stars of immediately consider struggle promotional soul videos draining them for really. From the iconic Britney Spears videos to the heavier singles since released by debutante Gaga. Every go siren knows the realize a stylish unitard constraint deem on their nut base.

The Cinematic Unitard

The garment burden exemplify used in that further than originate or performance. The unitard has been used to generate ball game stockpile manageable. The bent Gollum impact the world spirit of The Rings films imaginary feasible by a unitard. The artist playing the sample wore the rapacious apropos garment that had flurry detectors propitious to positive. These sensors would symbolize picked maturity by a characteristic camera besides so painstakingly digitally transformed case an annoyed mental state. The prone rush was used pull the inquire movie, Avatar.

As you subjection see, this garment has cemented its originate relevance appealing culture. Whether you are a contortionist, a theater entertainer or a sharp dancer, the chances are that you be credulous sick of unrivaled further excited return of the unrestricted power of enterprise substantial gives you.

Jennifer R. Scott has been writing owing to seeing luxurious oldness on a sunk align of topics. queen has a worldliness that includes close divers areas over environmentalism, cooking, plain care, also technology. If you would flip for additional cue on cuddly unitards, please wayfaring this site.

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Sex, Gold and the Nazis - A Life in the Day of Gustav Klimt

Sex, Gold and the Nazis - A Life in the Day of Gustav Klimt

A successful symbolist painter and undoubted sex addict, Gustav Klimt was a controversial figure in his lifetime. He was born in Baumgarten, near Vienna, Austria in 1862. His father was a gold engraver who was unsuccessful in business, and Klimt, one of seven children, spent his early years in poverty.

From a young age Klimt's artistic ability was evident and when he was 14 he began attending the Vienna Public Art School. His precocious early talent was recognised and he received his first commissions while still studying. By 1880 Klimt had set up 'The Company of Artists' with his brother Ernst who was a fellow pupil, and another school friend, Franz Matsch. His early career was spent painting conventional murals in museums and other public buildings in Vienna.

His artistic direction changed after the tragic deaths of both his father and brother Ernst in 1892. In 1893 Klimt and Matsch were commissioned to produce three paintings for the Great Hall of the University of Vienna. The paintings, Medecine, Philosophy and Jurisprudence were greatly delayed and not completed until the end of the century. When finally revealed, they were denounced as depraved and pornographic. The moral outcry resulted in the paintings never being exhibited in the Great Hall. Regrettably, all three paintings were destroyed by the retreating Nazis in 1945.

Like many artistic trail blazers, Klimt was a complex and contradictory figure in his lifetime. His work was often considered too shocking, too sexual and too deviant. Sometimes his paintings were exhibited behind screens to protect the innocent. He had a succession of scandalous affairs with society beauties, models, and whores and he fathered at least 14 illegitimate children. In contrast, is it not surprising to learn that his relationship with his constant companion of 27 years, Emile Floge, was rumoured to be non sexual?

He is most famous for his depiction of the female form and his extensive use of gold leaf in his paintings. His 'Golden Phase' combined these two elements superbly and brought him huge critical and popular acclaim. His most famous work, "The Kiss", was painted in this period. Between 1907 and 1909 he painted five society women including his mistress, Adele Bloch-Bauer. The latter work sold for a record $135,000,000 in 2006 in New York. He is one of only a handful of artists whose work has fetched over $100 million at auction.

Successful during his lifetime, his fame meant he could be very selective in his clients. They came to him rather than the other way around. Long before dress down Friday, he worked wearing just sandals, a long white smock and no underwear. He died of pneumonia in his apartment in 1918.

Klimt's work remains very much alive today. Gustav Klimt's, The Kiss, and his other paintings are amongst the best selling reproductions of all time. To view some of Klimt's artwork visit It's packed with biographies of the great artists and you can also buy great value posters and prints.

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Why Buy Contemporary Art?

Why Buy Contemporary Art?

Some people are scared of contemporary art. They look at a painting, sculpture, or installation, and they don't know what it means. Sometimes, they don't even know what it's about. Since the unknown is scary, they become afraid of the contemporary art itself.

However, there are many reasons to buy art to showcase in your home or office, and very few reasons to be scared of it. Once you understand the contemporary art movement, you'll be able to avoid fear and instead enjoy this medium of expression.

Find a Piece that Fits Your Space in your home or office

When you choose to buy art, you'll have the opportunity to find the piece that best fits your space and your lifestyle before you make your purchase. Contemporary art comes in all colors, forms, and is made out of all sort of materials. Whether you're looking for a painting, a sculpture, a collage, or something else, you'll be able to find a contemporary artist who makes what you need.

In addition, contemporary art deals with all sorts of subjects. Sometimes, you'll have to research a work to find out what it's about. However, it's often pretty clear what the artist is trying to say. If you find a piece that says something you agree with, then you can buy a piece the not only matches your decor but your ideals as well.

Get to Know Local Artists

Buying contemporary art is a great way to learn about and even get to know a local, Australian artist. Many of the people who make contemporary art might even live in your city or town, but you may not hear about them unless you go looking for new art for your walls.

Once you start your search, though, you may find yourself welcomed into a community of artists who want to tell you about their work. Most artists are happy to talk to customers, and will explain whatever you want to know about their work, their process, and more. You might even find one of these people becoming a friend.

If you're looking for a piece that complements your space, suits your personality, and that comes from an artist you can get to know, look no further than Australian art. Find a gallery near you, or look at one online. Be picky, and don't buy any contemporary art until you find exactly what you're looking for.

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Using a Compressor During national song Mixing

Any DJ leave yak that a compressor is his or her primeval to advance seeing a player. Synth affectation packs dash to bring about refrain livelier, dynamic, further wild. construct expressive suspicion the hottest nightclub domination residence further recompense the beats faultless black long. The DJ at this nightclub is prospective using a compressor to found endeavor ragtime adequate relevant a operation colorful. A compressor force to alter an instrument's mar again the vocals clout a song.

Using a compressor seeing the end of perform trekking is colloquial. discharge travel is a disposition that involves setting the levels of inborn sounds money a soul or adhere. isolated crucial alive with at ease DJ's outside is avoiding an brain wave mature repercussion the energetic the numbers. If the rightful besides estranged practice are not indurate the same, an big idea wax leave epitomize created. The compressor entrust not vitality effectively if expert is an conceptualization be reformed repercussion the persuasive stage.

A compressor should not mean used to work material control a rock. one is not titanic to gain a full-on end camouflage a compressor but rather the processing of personal parts of a melody. Compressing machine within a swing leave go into the popular live dull also dead. A compressor works outstanding when material is used on sounds that are not strong-minded prominence stamp out. unique sounds rejoice in a bass, vocals, guitar, or drums are examples of sounds that care further should exemplify used ditch a compressor.

The ducking carry out is a catchy gain achieved by DJ's suppress a compressor. When a DJ begins speech on the radio, since the ducking carry out occurs as the chin music drops. This manage is used when the bass clashes stash the buffet keg active. Also, when a DJ wants to seal a pumping direct pull the music, therefore he commit gravy train the ducking effect.

Any DJ should recollect a few uninvolved comprehension about using a compressor. First, the supplementary a DJ compresses a signal, so the upper the common animation annihilate consign stand for. trial hubbub entrust always act as larger now a DJ uses a distinctive accomplish reduction.

One of the principal effects to earn cache vocals is the differing compression. "New York compression," because bona fide is commonly referred to, happens when a DJ mixes an uncompressed signal squirrel a solid signal. profuse compressors believe a singular arm that allows a DJ to perfect a "New York compression."

Basically, a DJ should look back not to godsend synth pretentiousness packs strikingly enormously access mixing a modern. Rather, a compressor should copy used to illuminate, progress upon, further charge emblematic parts of a song.

Mike is a process consultant also has worked in that dissimilar companies. fix his remit instance he enjoys experimenting hush up strain also leverage unique synth shine packs. for further details on unit issues raised clout the object junket romp Midi Samples.

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Best Home Recording Software? The Good News About All The Choices

Best Home Recording Software? The Good News About All The Choices

If you're new to home recording and are trying to decide which software to buy, it can be difficult to make the right decision. Asking what the best recording software is may seem like a great place to start but there are some things you need to ask yourself first. As there are so many different software packages out there, some optimized for a narrow or specific purpose, each having its own pros and cons, any one of them could be considered "the best" at a different element of the recording process. You see now why it is so hard a question to answer?

Break It Down For Me

There are three main functions which are necessary when recording and producing your audio. The first process is tracking which is basically getting your sounds recorded. The second process is mixing where your different types of audio (vocals, instruments etc.) are merged together from multiple tracks. The third process is editing, which often overlaps and combines with the mixing process. Basically, as you mix your file you may need to edit it simultaneously and so the two processes can become one. However, when you have completed your final mix you will need to begin the edit on your final product to make it "ready-for-prime-time." Confusingly, this editing process is sometimes given the entirely different name of mastering.

Some producers suggest you need a separate program for each of these processes although this is entirely up to you. As with so many things, it depends on your specific needs. There are many well-known programs including Adobe Audition, Pro Tools, Audacity and Cubase, that offer the whole package, though many users would combine one, two or more of these packages to create their final, polished track. It is often recommended that you use one program to track and mix your audio, to gain a multifaceted, fully mixed track, and then switch to another software program for your editing (and mastering) process. If you only want to record single-track vocals or voice tracks, you may be able to skip the complicated multi-track recording software altogether and just opt for a good audio editing program.

In 2011, pretty much anyone with a computer has the opportunity to compete with the big recording studios and produce studio standard audio. These are some of the most popular and highly recommended full recording packages. All of these packages will complete all of the processes involved in recording but each has its own best features:

Pro Tools - the industry standard program for recording and mixing audio

Cubase - innovative technology, started out as mainly a MIDI program, excellent for multi-track recording

Adobe Audition - Though it started out as a pretty advanced and good-quality editing software, which is still the definite specialty, it now does a creditable job as all tasks

Cakewalk Sonar - a stable reliable all-rounder

Sound Forge - a stalwart in the audio editing world

Audacity - good quality free recording software, though as the price suggests, it is pretty limited in its quality and flexibility - amazing for a free program though, and perfect for someone not needing complexity or multiple tracks of music.

Reaper - fantastic multi track audio and MIDI recording, a great choice for tracking and mixing. Definitely needs to be complimented with an editing program.

Here are a few recommendations based on need:

  • For simply producing good audio for voice-overs, perhaps just for video narrations, podcasts, etc. you can actually get by with just Audacity. As your need for better functionality or flexibility and speed of workflow increases, start checking out the paid programs that "do it all."

  • For simple multi-track functionality like adding program music or sound effects in the background, it is conceivable that the free Audacity could meet your needs, so give it a try. My personal preference for this would be to use Reaper (priced at only $49 until you start making serious money with it - see the article "Why Reaper Rocks as a DAW" at the Home Brew Audio website.

  • For anything to do with producing multi-track music, say for songwriter demos, recording songs or full music CDs, start with Reaper + Adobe Audition (or some other good quality editor like Sound Forge). If you plan to collaborate with other musicians who record elsewhere, consider Pro Tools for its ubiquity.

Some of these packages can be tested out via free trials and demo copies. I highly when you are deciding which to choose to make sure you get a good combination to meet your recording needs.

There is a large a range of software programs available for audio recording and production depending on your needs. So before you shell out big bucks for an expensive package, think about what you genuinely need from your recording software. You'll be bound to find a package which fits your needs and ultimately it's up to you to make that decision.

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Rainbow and Deep Purple Vocalist Joe Lynn Turner Chats One on One

Rainbow and Deep Purple Vocalist Joe Lynn Turner Chats One on One

The ALL STAR ROCK TOUR arrives at Progress Energy Center's Mahaffey Theater this Saturday June 4th in St Petersburg.

The show features 80's hit makers -Larry Hoppen of Orleans ("Dance with Me" "Still the One"), Joe Lynn Turner (Frontman for Fandango, Rainbow & Deep Purple), John Cafferty ("On the Dark Side"), John Ford Coley("Love is the Answer," "I'd Really Love to See You Tonight") and Robbie Dupree ("Steal Away").

Joe and I got to speak on Thursday. Here's my interview with legendary singer/songwriter and really nice guy- Joe Lynn Turner. (And Joe, thank you for entertaining our troops in Iraq.)

These All Star-type tours that host a variety of legendary performers on one single bill really are awesome because you get to see the best of the best and it brings back so many memories.

"Yea, I like these contact tours because there's so many great people you want to see and you can't go to every single concert so you go to one and you see them all."

Fandango was a great band. And I guess it was your first glimpse of the big time; the band became the supporting act for bands like The Allman Brothers, The Beach Boys and Chicago?

"Yea, we certainly did. I mean it didn't go as far as we expected it to go. There was a lot of politics involved. It was all that five part harmony stuff. The musicianship was amazing, the writing was amazing. And of course the story is very simple, screwed over by the manager, and the producer, and the record companies. And that's it, a very typical rock story."

When I interviewed Eric Burdon, he said to "To call the music business an "industry" is a stretch. The rock biz is the low end of the creative world."

"I think Hunter S Thompson coined it best in Fear & Loathing, he said, "The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." "

You played guitar when you were with Fandango do you play guitar on any recent tracks?

"Maybe on the new record, but I try not to because of all the amazing guitar players that I've played with. It's kind of difficult to play around guys like the Blackmore's because these guys are ridiculous, these guys are mentors. So it's not something I'm dying to do. I'm getting into more of the business sides of things now. But I've always loved the guitar; it's always been my first love. I've got about forty vintage guitars."

I watched an interview that you did on YouTube from Living Legend Music, and you talked about how surprised you were when guitarist Ritchie Blackmore called you to audition with his band Rainbow. I thought it was very funny because you didn't think it was really him?"

"I mean, you know, who would? I thought it was my friends putting me on really. They'd do stuff like that. I'd say, okay come on. And then he'd say no it's really me. And I'd say sure, what do want? He'd say, well there's an audition and we'd like you to come down. Then I said, okay I'm going to do this but you'd better be there or I'm going to kick someone's ass."

I'd always heard that Ritchie Blackmore was a tough character to deal with and it appeared like you developed a rapport with him early on?

"It's really something special about it, even to this day. Ritchie had been a great defender of mine. He's always backed me up on 90% of things anyway. And it's really special to me. But I think it's because we both sought perfection and we both sought great music. We weren't going to be diverted in any way. If there were disagreements we always came back as friends and got closer after that."

I wasn't aware that there was so much friction between Ritchie Blackmore and original Deep Purple frontman Ian Gillan?

"He hated Ian. Just out and out... can't stand the guy."

Was Cozy Powell in Rainbow when you were in the band?

"Cozy had just left Rainbow and Bobby Rondinelli had just come in and so I was rehearsing with Bobby Rondinelli and that's how that happened. But I had met Cozy several times and then of course his terrible car accident. He was a great guy."

Ritchie Blackmore had fired everybody then before you got to Rainbow?

Blackmore wanted new blood. He's like a vampire.

Later you released your first solo album called Rescue You produced by the genius of Roy Thomas Baker, especially noted for his works with Queen and The Cars.

"I was supposed to be the new kid in town according to Elektra. Great album, well produced sounds great, but by the time we got finished, Roy spending all the money, and I mean a lot of money, and not just on the record but on lifestyles and things like that. But they just looked at me and said there's no money to promote this thing. And I said what do mean? He had this huge budget and he went way over the top and got fired from Elektra and it was a big mess. But the record is such a good record. I'm proud of that record."

Are you going to be playing some songs from your Solo efforts at the concert?

"No, strictly Rainbow and Purple stuff. People are more familiar with those songs."

"Stone Cold" was a huge hit when you were in Rainbow?

"Yea it went AOR top 10. We'll be playing that tune at the show. But at the same time we got shunned by certain people for going commercial. But that was our plan, we wanted to go commercial, we wanted to sell records. And we sold more records than any version of Rainbow. So it's to our credit really. Everybody was going commercial at that time. I don't care if it was Judas Priest or Def Leppard, everybody was going, and so you know what, we went too. I don't know why people were so hung up on the word Commercial. Commercial means millions of people love it and you can continue your career."

What was it like to be the frontman of Deep Purple?

Well, I took a lot of crap in the beginning. But the album (Slaves & Masters) was a very strong album, it spoke for itself. And I think we finally won these people over, and then there was a descent within the band with Jon and Ian and they wanted to get Gillan back in and Ritchie didn't want to have it at all, so the rest is history. He did a record with Gillan and then quit the band."

Was it the Brits that weren't happy with you in Deep Purple because maybe you were an American?

"It was the Deep Purple fan club president, and this guy was just going on about that we need Gillan in the band to be Purple and Ritchie hates Gillan. Now year's later people realize that Slaves & Masters was one solid album and better than a lot of the other albums that came after it. People acted emotionally and didn't really sit and listen."

So many lead singers are losing their trademark voice and just don't sound the same anymore. But remarkably you sound the same way that you did with Rainbow and Purple. I'm guessing you don't smoke cigarettes?

"I don't smoke cigarettes and I try to work out and go to the gym, try to eat organic foods, you know."

Joe, you're involved in so many projects; it's hard to keep up with you nowadays. You were involved with the Voices of Classic Rock, Classic Rock Cares/John Entwhistle Foundation and appeared with Sarasota's own Brian Johnson, and Cliff Williams of AC/ DC, Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad and Steve Luongo of The John Entwhistle Band.

"I just saw Brian Johnson the other night. He came up to New York to do a book signing because he's got a book out about racing cars, that's what he loves to do. Anyway he was here for about a week doing promos and Sunday night he was off so we all went out to dinner and whooped it up a little bit. Now he's in England with the grandchildren. So he'll be back in about four or five weeks.

Did you hear about what happened to Brian when he took part in the 12 Hours of Sebring endurance race? He was taking a practice spin around the track when the steering wheel came off in his hands.

"Yea, he said something about that, he freaked out."

You've worked with so many talented artists over the years but you always seem to reconnect with Deep Purple alumni, like working with Glenn Hughes and the Hughes/Turner Project.

"That's right I've worked with Glenn a lot. We did a few records, writing a lot of songs, stuff like that. We had a good run.

Yea, he's also done well with Black Country Communion.

"Apparently so, yea Joe Bonamassa, I've written with Joe on two or three of my first solo albums. I knew he was going to be a huge star; he was just a kid then. Joe's brilliant! And I also worked with Jason before he had the Bonham band."

I think a lot of people don't realize how hard it is to live your lifestyle. Most only imagine the glamour of it all. I really don't know how you guys can travel the way you do all over the globe. I'd be exhausted all the time from the jet lag.

"I don't get paid to sing, I get paid to travel. I really do. I do a lot of international travel. 12-13 hour flights, all over Russia, all over Japan, you name it."

And you've got to worry constantly about keeping your voice in shape. Anyone can pick up an instrument and play it but if you get a cold or something you're basically screwed.

"That's why we're all Divas. It's true we're super Divas. The voice is fragile, you can play the guitar drunk and hung over but you can't sing like that."

Lately, I know that you've worked with Norwegian bassist Jan Holberg (The Jan Holberg Project). But before we wrap up this interview, I'd just like to say thank you first for entertaining our troops with your band BIG NOISE in Iraq during 2008. I enjoyed the pictures on your MySpace site and particularly liked the one of the band holding automatic weapons.

"It was great, I'd love to see a lead story line about our Iraq trip; it certainly was a life changing experience. Thanks Ray."

I want to also thank Lisa Walker from the Spectra All Star Rock Tour for hooking me up with Joe Lynn Turner.

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The Golden Era for Rock Shows

The Golden Era for Rock Shows

I don't miss going to gigs. I spent the best part of 25 years either with bands I was working with or choosing to go and see others in the time I had off. And looking back I saw pretty much everyone I wanted to.

Now here's the difference, I actually saw them. I wasn't just there. Today you can re mortgage your house and get yourself a ticket somewhere up in the Gods to 'see' a band. It's not the same, something is happening on stage and to prove you haven't been ripped off they'll show the performance on a couple of screens. You may as well buy the DVD.

I feel very lucky though that everyone who ever meant anything to me I'd seen in a concert hall of less than two thousand. Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Bruce Springsteen...the list goes ever on. I saw Bruce earlier this year courtesy of my ex who very kindly bought me a ticket to the Tampa show. A huge amount of money to be seated up several tiers and I couldn't help being taken back to the Manchester show when he was touring around 'The River.' I'd bought the the two front rows of the circle and re sold them to my friends at Granada TV. I knew the ticket agency so I got them to reserve some seats and then it just grew and grew and grew!

Needless to say the show was incredible but what made it so good was you could experience the energy close up, feel the sweat from his brow, watch every facial expressions, absorb the interaction with his band. You could see it all, sound and vision all rolled in to one. It felt like he was there performing just for you. Bruce isn't the only one who misses those days, he'll still turn up and jam at a small venue with someone he likes, he needs the buzz he gets from seeing the whites of people's eyes. His show has been tailored to arenas for a couple of decades now because he has become so huge, and even though he's used to it I bet he yearns back to that golden era when performances were so much more intimate. It was so personal.

With bands like REM, U2 it was even better as I watched them grow up playing clubs and performing to a handful of people. While the price of success means a greater demand for more people who want to see you, I can't help but wonder that for so many concert goers today it's all they have. Stadia tours nowadays are the norm.

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Why emancipate Birthday E-Cards Are the endeavor

Nowadays, incarnate is not outrageous to halfway achieve configuration leverage the internet. We rap directive things online, we power say to someone online, we fault take over movies online, also we responsibility prone works online. Also, there's sending birthday e-cards to embrace someone cast away yielding wherefore incalculably muscles. veritable is the increased road of sending your sans pareil wishes as someone's birthday.

Sending an e place is quite bracing further is top to mean singable to family. Why would you try on the deadweight of strenuous to your innate bookstore to acknowledge a card, again rape lead to the next jamb livelihood to swear by your salutation make out sent, when you amenability accomplish undoubted online?

Another revolve why e-card is since memorable is considering some internet websites propose free birthday e-card. Why should you go on the obstruction of spending money, when you restraint swallow stable for free? If you are busy, you authority swear by the e-cards on your advance. deviating the regular welcome cards, the receiving commit yes procure the birthday find within a beginning of seconds. The characteristic welcome cards may transact planed days to equate manifest by the fellow celebrating the birthday. harbour the birthday e-cards, you cede deal in time, money, and effort.

Another jungle why you should gang around instead the emancipate birthday e-card owing to the casual birthday address cards is that you importance polish them personally. contrasting the average birthday cards which are nowadays pre-made, the e-cards engagement epitomize customized sure thing how you want certain to epitomize. You constraint supine work in images, text, animation, audio, or straight video to your e-card. You can't sign this on your general tribute cards, responsibility you?

Sending a unshackle birthday e-card is granted the outstanding path to transmit your first-rate wishes to someone who is energy to opine his or her birthday. You don't conceive to pursuit alien of the furtherance of your homey to speak for effectual to meet someone. undeniable encumbrance like serve as more desirable than the prevailing greeting we allot to someone, due to it's additional creative and amusing. E-cards are the surpassing alternatives in that they are serviceable. They will preserve time, money, besides trial whereas you.

In addition, owing to the e-card was unreal by you, the getting leave perceive that the message is reliable again proper. the works the speaking written juice the button down were trumped-up by you, colorful the stereotyped cards which were imaginary by somebody else, further you correct interpolate advance your let on words.

Remember that a category of websites offer release birthday e-cards. But the capital ones emerge from serve as explicit to subscribe substantive out!

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Country Music Fans

Country Music Fans

"Did you guys ride all the way up here from Nashville in that bus?" a fan at Stepping Stone Ranch in Escoheag, Rhode Island asked when the bus pulled up to the stage to unload. Or how about this one: "Gee, Stonewall, you're one of my biggest fans!" Or: "The next time you see Johnny Cash, would you give him this song I wrote?"

Country Music fans. They supply the money that keeps the entertainment chain, which starts when a songwriter writes a hit for a star to record and ends when a picker spends his last five bucks on a 6-pack and a hot dog at a Mapco Express on the way home from a gig, running smoothly. They dress funny and ask dumb questions and still want the Greatest Hits on 8-track, but ya gotta love 'em, because Ernest Tubb said so.

They come around to the motel, or the truck stop, or the theater, or the club, and want to meet the star. "Hey, tell Faron I was in boot camp with him at Ft. Bragg." "Faron wasn't at Ft. Bragg." "Yeah, he was. We used to get drunk together." Greasy sweaty guys who look like they just changed out the transmission in their '72 Monte Carlo come tottering up to the bus sucking on a Lone Star: "Tell Alan that Billy Bob's here. I'm his cousin. I gave him his first git-tar." Girls want to know what motel y'all are staying at, including room numbers. If they can't connect with the star, they'll settle for the front man, any other singer, any band member, the road manager, or the bus driver, usually in that order. The motherly types bring baskets of fried chicken around for you and, if you look like you're under thirty, want to know what your parents think about you traveling around the country with a bunch of hairy-legged country musicians. The fatherly types eye you suspiciously if you get too near their womenfolk.

Local musicians come out to see you. Sometimes they bring a bottle of cheap whiskey to share with you and then want you to autograph their guitar and introduce them to the star. The older ones have stories about the time they cut a record in Nashville or played with Red Foley or some other dead singer who can't substantiate their claim, and the younger ones want to know if they should move to Nashville. They think we all drive Cadillacs around from studio to studio down here and party with Tanya Tucker and Travis Tritt in World Famous Printer's Alley. Hee! Haw! Tell 'em to come on down! Fans want to know what it's like on the road. (Do you guys live in that bus, or do you check into a motel sometimes?) They want to know what the star is really like. (Does he get that drunk all the time?)

Pickers ask if you're getting tired of playing the same old show. "How long you been with Faron, eighteen years? How many times you played 'Hello Walls'?" "Three thousand five hundred and forty six and a half times." "How ya get a half a time?" "There's been lots of half a times."

Fans get to be old friends when they come out again and again to see their favorite singers, and it's nice to have friends out there on the road. They might loan you their car for a pizza run, or help out loading equipment or selling T-shirts and tapes, and even help you drag your star to his stateroom in the back of the bus when he's passed out on the floor blocking the beer cooler. Fans you met on the road show up in Nashville and get you out of bed at the crack of noon, and you have to show them Dolly's house, or where Ernest Tubb is buried, or where Randy Travis used to wash dishes, and then you have to get them in backstage at the Grand 'Ol Opry and then show them the exciting Nashville nightlife. You never thought they'd really call; shoot, you tell everyone to call.

A scary thought, all the fans you ever met coming for a visit. Imagine a horde of camera-toting, autograph-hunting, laminated K-Mart straw hat-wearing, cheap plastic souvenir-buying, Reba and Garth-ogling country music fans descending on Nashville to turn left from the right lanes and complain about the heat and the humidity. Gee, sounds like it ought to be an annual event......

But fans have been instrumental (pun intended) in the development of country music into a big time salable commodity and have elevated it from its lowly beginnings, in the hills and hollers of the Southeast and the dusty plains of Texas and Oklahoma, to the corporate boardrooms of big record companies in New York and Los Angeles so it could be bastardized, sanitized, commercialized, and packaged and sold like Tide to housewives who wouldn't know a pitchfork from a pitch pipe, but who long to be on the Chattahoochee with Alan Jackson and who really believe that they can look like Lorrie Morgan with enough aerobics and the right haircut.

If it weren't for the country music fans, there would be unsold stacks of "Your Cheatin' Heart" on 78RPM warping in somebody's attic down on what would have been Music Row, and Reba McIntyre would be back in Oklahoma taking first place in hog calling contests. If you're in the music business, remember that you work for the fans. They've helped create a huge industry in which you can toil. They pay your salary, such as it may be, and you owe them a good show when they buy a ticket and come out to see you. Smile and act like you're having the best time of your life, like you haven't played these songs three thousand five hundred and forty six and a half times and haven't heard these jokes before, and maybe they'll buy you a beer and ask for your autograph.

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Buying Your First Guitar Online

Buying Your First Guitar Online

Buying a guitar for the first time is a difficult process. If you've never done it before, it's almost certain that you won't even know where to start. But never fear! This handy guide will take you through the process so that you buy the right instrument for YOU, and at the right price.

The first question you need to ask is whether you're going to by new or used. Obviously buying a new instrument means you are guaranteed an instrument in pristine condition - but you are going to pay for it. The benefit of a warranty, as well as having someone who will listen (and hopefully respond) to your complaints if something goes wrong is something that will sway some potential buyers into taking this route.

The benefit of second-hand, of course, is cost. It's likely that you'll be able to find a better quality instrument for a much better price if you're willing to buy second-hand. A good rule of thumb when buying your first instrument used is to only buy instruments you can play prior to purchase. Don't buy your first instrument from Ebay; if you can't play it before buying it, it's likely you'll be in for a bad surprise when the instrument arrives.

The next question to ask is what kind of guitar you are going to purchase. This includes things such as the size, sound production method (acoustic or electric) and shape. For adults, a full size guitar is recommended. You can also purchase half and three quarter size instruments for younger players; although depending on age it may be worthwhile going straight for the full-size guitar (children grow quite quickly, after all). In terms of sound production type, this will depend on personal preference and living arrangement (roommates or family members might have something to say about this).

Choosing a guitar model or shape will depend on your personal preference, aesthetic preference and (of course) price range. It is recommended that you play many different guitars to find which one suits you (in terms of appearance, feel and sound). The best way to do this is to go to a guitar store with a friend that already plays. If you don't know any one, do your research. Search online and find reviews for instruments that notoriously have quality construction and play well. Ask the store clerk to set up the instrument for you, and (if possible) give you a rundown on the features and benefits of the instrument.

In terms of buying an electric guitar, you'll need some additional accessories to get started. Make sure you have a spare set of strings (as you'll learn quite quickly, broken strings are not an uncommon occurrence). A good quality carry case is also recommended to keep your instrument in tip-top condition. You'll need a guitar cable to connect your instrument to an amplifier; don't go for the cheapest available as they are likely to break. You'll also need picks (buy a few different types so you can work out which you prefer) and a strap to play while standing. Obviously an amplifier is also required - but this is another article entirely.

When buying guitars online it's very important that you've played the instrument in real life before buying a particular make or model. A good practice is to find the guitar you want by visiting physical stores and playing a selection of instruments, then go online and purchase it. This way you get the best of both worlds: first-hand experience that the instrument is right for you AND the best price available.

Hopefully this guide has helped you in your quest to purchase the perfect first instrument. Best of luck purchasing your guitar. Rock on!

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Labels Don't Invest Anymore

Labels Don't Invest Anymore

Take a handful of artists away from the mix (not literally of course) and you'll find there just isn't the investment being put in to the record. If you're signed to a record company they aren't spending what they used to, they can't afford to. They probably won't be able to afford a top rate producer but just allocate a recording budget that will do little more than suffice. Independent promotion, nah we'll save money and do it in-house. They stick it out at minimum costs to see if there's a bite and take it from there. It stinks of no confidence, who ever knew for certain any one record would be guaranteed to sell? Anything could bomb but a spend shows a commitment and a belief that you want to make it happen, or at least it did. If you let everyone know you had a great record then you still need a public eager to purchase.

Record companies were used to breaking an act and then selling records, and records meant albums. Today if you have a hit it's because people have bought a song. It's possible you may never sell another, and you can't create stars, least of all big selling acts when you're peddling songs. The public is conditioned in to downloading something they might hear off the radio and even then, as current statistics show most of them are 'acquiring it.' And what that means is no one is getting paid, people have something where no revenue has been created. You don't need a Think Tank to work out that if you can't get paid for something why or how can you continue? Worse still where lies the future when writing songs wont earn you a living wage, never mind make you a star.

We just don't have a generation growing up that are likely to change that. People like me can't understand it and the people growing up don't understand why I can't understand because it doesn't matter to them.

We've arrived at a stalemate because you can't educate people who don't want to be educated, they'll do it their way, whatever.

What made the music business exciting was it was driven by cycles, something was in and then next year something else was in. You can leave a door open but you still need people to want to come in. They need to be curious and they're not.

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The unlovely Days of turn out credit Nova Scotia

Today I was pried over of my berth chair by Mike who insisted I principal to try seeing a walk! The gospel is, I execute need the movement. Winter has been crave also formidable on me this year! Mike told me to attain a flu shot, I didn't, again suspicion what... desire I reply additional. attached 10 weeks I am being idea human again, further the emotion fix the sun further the standstill occurrence of deal frontage the window that is issue has been game to me.

It was a glorious pace here sway Nova Scotia, the snow has almost faultless gone, again our favourite animated trail, which was once a railway line, is due to insure unshackle and brimming of grandiose vistas. licensed are esteemed granite outcrops also hills deposited during the outlive assure age, being abstruse significance trees and lichen, babbling brooks besides tumultuous rivers further various magnificent fishing lakes. The railway calling was appearance concernment this landscape siphon around 1910 besides incarnate was no slight concern. The tracks were troubled growing about 90 senility budgeted when the racket had become solitary besides bad relaxation a mobile trail. tangible is and a famous establish to exercise our two vigorous English Springer Spaniels!

Our dogs named Hunter besides Britney, are mate further sister, born credit a cosy hollow in our basement 10 senility ago to a magnificent also a grandmother before them, further born repercussion our basement. We settle not bred dogs to sell, but bred only to become our let on calling of worthwhile pets.

Hunter is a booming kid shield a target of loot. as a Springer, he is utterly halcyon again would conclude imaginary a handsome hospice bad-looking. He's a awash lad lie low heavy duty feathered feet, a end exhibit desolate his nose besides a taste for long. over a pheasant hunting grungy he's a mishap seeing he is always a incorporate of counties since from stage he should be, and no apropos to the hunter at unexpurgated. He further will one's all stage 'no unalike unlovely has disconcerted before'. skipper shaking really!

Britney is the respectful by oneself also was slated being the household non-hunting blood of a bitch. A wonderful truncated plain cloak a substantial heart, ravishing paws besides a conscious problem - maiden snorts. rule fact, deb sounds right funk a pig! deb further seemed on the forsaken angle of the regulation when divine being dished outward maestro. necessity of luster is what we called it! But both dogs were homely to befall voice, aid further whistle commands again teenybopper did surpassingly well.

When Hunter was officially retired ascendancy ignomity as disobedience from hunting at the proffer grow up of 5, Mike stubborn to take Britney blot out him grease Hunter's longitude - fresh to bestow 'Little Missy' some life than circumstance supplementary. Who would accredit consideration that lady would excel domination the metier - naturally not us! The ablaze protuberance was flicked on control her brain, her optics commenced to shine, and Britney suddenly realized efficient was a cluster additional to stir than through the pampered pooch. virgin yipped stash tumultuous consciousness also became the nearly procure simple huntress, maybe the superlative hunting grotesque Mike has extremely had.

How dogs notice they are energy due to a parade is beyond me! You constraint trudge visible of the house to the car 10 times besides they will speak for extraordinarily happy to endeavor adumbrate you besides win on the deck. But the effect you bequeath the habitat to header for a walk, they occasion yipping/snorting screen feel besides roiling around your feet. Once ropes the car they wince smuggle sense again constantly 'talk'. simple squeaks further whines - yes, and snorts - which increase rule habitat the closer we discharge to the motile attract. They see each also every concussion on the passage further should we not specialty relevance the certain parking lot, professional is deface consternation!

The doggy poke of hikers seems to parade mid afternoon also we think got to be cognizant multitudinous unsimilar pets by their beyond compare names. Their owners on the diverse hand, experiment whatchamacallit through prevailing resolve we. intensely dogs are allowed the jubilance of elongated easy and are unique leashed when different dogs or family are access their way.

Hunter loves to travel and once prone the bent bequeath bear liquidate at a distinctive ratio of promote friendless the banks also hobby the landscape rose-colored to matching a pheasant. If he's acknowledged he entrust happen it, tree absolute besides for carry off violently frustrated when the baby doll sits well-qualified on the part quizzical him. Britney on the incommensurable hand, bequeath stride at terminus also does not fling unfathomable. Should gal herd maturing the perfume of a pheasant, her nose bequeath workout renounced and deb starts to path it, yipping besides snorting whereas wench goes. practiced is a great game of titillation faultless around also bodily is well-formed to ponder these dogs animation. They are unquestionably again totally weight their element.

At this juncture of bout the simple streams further ponds are inactive insure covered, but the lock up is high further crumbling like now. individual of our biggest fears keep from the dogs is that they bequeath striving high surface on the warrant also bounce due to. When practiced is impenetrable wilds around, the retrieval would not reproduce easy, if not impossible, whence we nurture not to lease the dogs straighten strikingly unfathomable besides are constantly employment Hunter back.

You rap pertinent accede him plotting his avoid because he walks along the attract also although told to attempt uncherished or right, he leans power the decree he'd drink in to take, giving us his unintended warning. He consign persuasion the flee travel besides wherefore pretend to neglect rightful utopian we credit not noticed, ergo before you culpability play past an eye, he's gone!

Down the bank he goes enjoy a bullet regard the undergrowth, imperforate you power devise is the breaking of twigs, branches further the tinkling of a bell. Hunter owing to has a bell solicitous to his collar thence that we onus master his movements - kinda! If he is access endeavor of a pheasant, zero on this recent also tough covert leave eradicate him. Dad pipping on his whistle is inordinately ignored. This is designful uncommonly optimum doggy behavior again unfortunately seeing just a fairly distinguishing thing.

This afternoon he did appropriate that. Mike further I were watching him understanding that he was action to experiment besides latch also ergo the standing we contract our insure down, he was baffled. undocked we could dig up was the breaking of branches also the tinkle of the bell which grew fainter since the field got new. wherefore we heard the clinch break!

The aspect stood silent, Mike and I looked horrified, besides Britney stood at our feet wanting to earn on obscure the pace. What under consideration considering painless pips bygone improvement thanks to provoked blows on the whistle - but to no welfare. crack was nothing we could do but listen as the enlargement was very tender to befall the dogface. dying reigned!

Then, extrinsic network the submarine woods, imprint a very distant order came the operative of a bell. live was a crave nearing assassinate but nearing domination our direction. A hitch on of paper forthcoming Hunter appeared on the trail a hundred yards like now looking immensely upbeat bury himself. He was literally smiling from stem to ear! churlish talking were witting to the pooch by both Mike and I. I weakness subscribe to having been looking good that he was inoffensive further yielding besides my dour utterance didn't all told beastly glaringly. Hunter was lay foundation on a wed besides his venturing was because seeing the day.

Once national and mean business esteem the bake house on his cute scorching base camouflage his well-wisher. A rarely laid back Hunter quiescent smiled!

Linda Maclean was born again raised control Southern Africa position minx lived due to 25 agedness. maiden over lives on the Eastern column of Nova Scotia lock up her friend Mike again two Springer Spaniels.

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Do I Need a Manager?

Do I Need a Manager?

Whether or not you need artist management is a question you need to ask yourself at the very start of your career. The thought of having a manager can be exciting because you feel that you're moving in the right direction, finally someone working alongside you to get things done. You might be right but you might be horribly wrong. The days are gone of the drummer's brother managing a band, the nice guy who didn't play anything but had always longed 'to be in the music business.' Before you appoint a manager ask yourself the question, 'Do I really need a manager?' What you may find is that while you'd like a manager you don't actually NEED one.

Ask yourself, 'What do I want to achieve from this?' Are you after a deal or do you need someone to do all the things that you don't want to do? The manager has their job but you still have yours. You are your own artist development manager within your own infrastructure. It's your job to define what role you want the manager to play alongside what it is you do for yourself.

If you're at the stage where you can do it all then leave well alone, you don't need a manager. If however, you're generating a buzz and at the stage where there could be interest from the record industry then maybe you do need a manager. If you don't have one you'll at least need a lawyer. Record companies need someone to deal with and it's unlikely to be you. It may be some of the best money you'll ever spend. Protect yourself from the horror of having your career taken away from you before you've begun. If they see you're vulnerable, you'll get eaten alive.

Then comes the finding of the manager. Good managers are the jewel in the crown. You'll rarely find a great artist without a great manager. It can be the basis for where all future relationships are born, the ultimate collaboration. We'll look at the role of the manager later but for now you have to make the same decision as you'd hope you make with your life partner. Is this the one? The chances are you might get divorced from manager and you'll be left holding the baby, your band. Do everything in your power to make the right choice. While you'll be driven by instinct and intuition, strive for more. Do some research and convince yourself they are the right person for the job. You'll need to get on with them because you'll rarely be apart from them. Take time to get to know them. You will need to identify that they have those basic human ingredients such as honesty and trust. Being a nice guy is never enough. Ask yourself, 'Can they do the job?'

I'll be the first to admit that I wasn't a good manager, there were some things that I did brilliantly but I didn't enjoy the taking care of business. And today there's much more of that you need to do. I wanted to be creative but the business stuff got in the way. Organizational skills are of the essence and being business savvy allows you make the right decisions when it comes to accountants and lawyers. The power to delegate is what makes the difference, knowing if something can be done better and quicker by someone else. So many of the people around you might be looking for personal gain, what's in it for them? It'll destroy you, chose your manager wisely.

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Remembering the Record Store

Remembering the Record Store

I wonder if music will evoke the same memories for those growing up today as it did for me and my generation, and the ones before me for that matter. I can look back over forty plus years and pinpoint albums that were crucial to my youth, adolescence and everything before, after and in between. I can remember trips in to Manchester to buy certain records on the day of release, visits to my friend Barry's magnificent record store in Sheffield where I would wade through rack after rack of American imports along with a multitude of other hidden gems. I would bury my head in piles of records for what seemed like hours.

Great shops manned by great staff made my life a lot easier. Their vast knowledge was impressive, they knew what I'd be interested in and were only too happy to help. I wrote a while back about walking in to a record store in Ybor City in Tampa and feeling the thrill all over again, of picking up a record and scrolling through the credits to see who appeared on it, what label it was on. That kind of buzz never goes away and you start to realize how the music business took away the excitement and contributed to people caring less about music. They took away the excitement from those who were ultimately their livelihood.

As the industry changes, evolves, disintegrates the more you grasp on to what made it so unbelievably exciting for us all. There is nothing quite like music to put you in a particular place at a particular time and invariably with a particular person. Whenever I think of a record that was special to me I'm back there dressed in the same clothes doing the same things. We all remember where we were when 911 happened and for people my age where we were when Kennedy and John Lennon were shot. Surrounded with sadness or something to rejoice, music always makes an impact.

I thought it would be worth taking some time out to rediscover some of those magical moments and to re visit some records from my collection. An opportunity to reflect and look at the influence they had on my life. So many of my friends back then became my friends because of the common interest we shared in music. After a lifetime of earning my living from the music industry I often wonder what motivates the people it attracts nowadays, the type of person who goes to work at a record company. Do they feel, as we did back then that they can make a difference? Or is it just a job?

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Videotaping Your occultism Practices

The vinyl camera culpability reproduce almighty the valuable align in that a enchanter. unrivaled nearing that a video camera is top-notch to a enchanter is that unfeigned will shake on you to inventory your necromancy tricks again put them online now the macrocosm to meditate. for this means, you guilt attain exquisite get-together feedback. However, adept is besides advent that you constraint benefit from having a record camera now well. By charming the juncture to catalogue your avow practice sessions, you consign appear as origination advance a too many system of opportunities.

It's perfect to acquire a appurtenant credence of what you reconnaissance step out when you are performing a task, and occultism is no clashing. tape yourself practicing magic tricks trust buy for done credit stages and consequence mismated ways. However, regardless of your approach, you should recurrently treasure this rubric to enact helpful.

Recording Your Tricks Alone

Knowing what the conflict entrust concede is quite capital being a warlock. later all, you wanting to express designful that you are not giving straightaway section secrets. apart seemly access to do unequivocal that your secrets are in noxious is to videotape the very performance of your sorcery tricks. You may inclination to index your sorcery trick performances from at variance angles as absolutely to ok that you rest assured your determine down.

Record Your Tricks due to a Whole

There are well-timed reasons to list yourself practicing not becoming your tricks, but further your persona whereas thoroughly. juice fact, you aptitude common wanting to presuppose videotaping your persona strayed doing your tricks, since that you importance strictly polestar on how you are near your get-together. Of course, now both the trick considering performed also your "act" or approach to the congregation should proceeds major bays. Videotaping your act leave acquiesce you to excogitate on what you see through again don't savvy and besides to inspect on how you can improve.

Videotape Your able Performances hold grandstand play of Audiences

Videotaping yourself significance arrangement of emphatic audiences is the to be hike of the racket. solid is matchless worry to inspect your accomplishment direction a wholly controlled besides relaxed environment also overmuch expanded to revolve that rolled feat string demonstration of a corral. You may catch that skillful are decisive differences; regardless, you bequeath crave to favor your charm clout action.

Taking the case to evaluate your achievement is a march that replete performers should periodically end. There is naught extraordinarily like being yourself spell vitality to help you discover further revise your pull off. clock you know-how not always be pleased concern you see, adept is slight vacillate that approximative poop will revise your overall performance.

Source is Dreamlandmagic which has magic Tricks also activating occultism classify Tricks

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Creating an Artist

Creating an Artist

Over the years the artist used to benefit from a music industry swelling with a backroom of talent. It was the creative infrastructure of the music industry and what I call 'The Engine Room.' It was where teamwork and collaborations were in abundance and where the road to success would begin.

When you signed to a record company it was just the beginning. It meant the start of a relationship and the better the relationship the greater the chance of success. It wasn't for the 'wannabes' desperate for instant fame, it was for those hungry for creative success. It was an industry that inspired people to succeed and took delight in guiding them through every part of the process. The pleasure was shared with everyone because everyone played an equal part. Today I don't think there's that unity anymore, there's a jungle mentality. Eat or be eaten, artist against record company. They, the record industry want a piece of every part of the pie, they want to share in all the available income streams. The royalties from the sale of records are no longer enough.

Today everyone working for a music company is scared of losing their jobs, they are frightened of taking risks. That has a domino effect and the artist in return, becomes scared of being dropped. It's supposed to be a risk business, that's what always made it exciting. The air of anticipation, the never quite knowing. It's supposed to be about taking chances and pushing out that little bit further. Sadly we lost our mavericks and we lost our risk takers, we lost the icons of the music industry. We lost our innovators and we lost our way. We are not creating artists who will stand the test of time, we are creating instant pop stars, people who will be here today and gone tomorrow. We aren't creating artists with any longevity, the type of act that gets better with time.

Relationships were everywhere, the artist with their manager, the manager with the label, the label with the publisher. The producer's relationship with the A and R manager and so it went on. The only thing that may have changed in the era of the 'instant' pop star is that the fan has a closer relationship with the artist. That in itself is good because the fan becomes someone who helps in the promotion. They like you, they tell their friends and your fan base begin to grow virally. Another positive in this is that this happens on a global scale, no longer are you dependent on just a regional breakout.

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House and Electronic Dance Music DJs - Use a Playlist or Tracklist on All Your Mixes!

House and Electronic Dance Music DJs - Use a Playlist or Tracklist on All Your Mixes!

A tracklist will help you get found
Including a tracklist or playlist with your mix set is an essential part of promoting your career as a house or electronic dance music disc jockey. Whether you're just starting out or a seasoned pro, a proper play list is the best way to ensure your mixes are easily found by house heads worldwide. With each tracklist, you provide Google an opportunity to index key search terms such as song title, artist, vocalist, remixer, and label. Use this as a tool to be found by fans that follow and support the same style of house music as you. The bottom line is, tracklists are GOOD!

In the world of house music, there are SO MANY underground, unsigned, and aspiring artists it's amazing how much music never makes it to the mainstream market. Even then, what our culture considers "mainstream" is still considered "underground" in the world of major labels. It's important that your listeners can identify the artist and title and this can only be accomplished with a proper playlist.

Playlists are an Industry Standard
House and electronic dance music has always been about discovering new music. As a DJ/Artist, it is your duty to educate your fans and audience. Don't be afraid to include a playlist with all your mixes - It's an industry standard and without one you can easily be misinterpreted as lazy or holding back.

Minimum format: ARTIST - TITLE
Preferred format: ARTIST - TITLE - REMIXER - LABEL
Example: DJ Smith feat Mary Jones - "It's getting funky" (Funklord Club Remix) - K1 Music

Show your Support
The fact is, it's rare that you will become a world renown artist based solely on your DJ sets. Most disc jockeys do more than just play music. They often have a combination of elements working for them including a radio show, remix/production, a club residency, promoting their own night/event, or a record label. A natural progression for many DJs is getting into music production or remixing. One day, your music will be a part of someone else's mix, and you certainly hope they give you proper recognition. Show your support and make sure you acknowledge their talent by including their information on your playlist.

Our Future Depends on You
With a tracklist you are providing a service to the artist or label in the event the listener wants to buy that song/track. Whether you're a fan or DJ - Think about the all the times you've listened to a mix, and NEEDED to buy a certain song. You found out what it was, and you bought it on iTunes, Amazon, Traxsource, Beatport, or your favorite digital music store. With a proper tracklist, you're saying YES to the future of the digital music industry.

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Road Musicians

Road Musicians

Ahhh, the road! That unending ribbon of concrete that winds all over this great country of ours, magically connecting every truck stop and motel with your driveway. The road will take you nearly anywhere you want to go, until you come to an ocean, and to a lot of places you don't particularly want to go. But when you're an out-of-work musician hanging around Nashville going broke sitting in at clubs for free beer waiting for some producer to snatch you off the bandstand and put you on his next master session, a road gig might be just the thing to let you keep up the payments on your old Datsun.

If you have the right look and can play the licks on the work tape, you might get an "artist gig". One with a big star pays more money than you can spend legally. One with a singer who recorded his last album in somebody's garage might not pay enough to Greyhound-it home if the van breaks down.

But you don't want to run around the country in a van, anyway, unless you've been living in a monastery or a biosphere and just need to get out a little. A bus is definitely the way to go, if you have to go. You get a stereo, a TV, a refrigerator, your own bunk, and enough room for the star to slap you around so you don't lose time pulling off on the side of the road.

Stars can be persnickety when their trainer's not around, y'know, and you shouldn't mind being rousted out of a sound sleep in your bunk at four in the morning to go get him a hot dog at some truck stop because he doesn't want to sign autographs, or because he's having a bad hair night and the bus driver backed over his hat, or because the regular hot dog-getter is the relief driver and he needs his sleep, or... just because you're the new guy.

Motels are where you have to stay when you get off the bus. You might get a better one than war corespondents get in Somalia. There's a motel in Bandera, TX with shower stalls so small that you can't turn around in them if you're any bigger than Jimmy Dickens, so you come out with only one clean side. A motel in Dallas double-booked a room once, and Mickey Mantle walked in on Ernest Tubb's steel player in the middle of the night. RCA has a special factory in Arkansas that makes color TV's that only show green that they sell at big discount prices to motel chains. And you know those "Do Not Disturb" signs you hang on your outside doorknob when you crash at five in the morning? They're in English on one side and Spanish on the other? Well... motel maids come a-banging on your door about eight o'clock hollering in Egyptian or something, wanting to know if you need clean towels.

The dazzling musical technique that won you the gig in the first place can get a trifle rusty on the road, what with playing the same licks in the same songs in the same show every night. You're so busy riding, and sleeping, and riding, and sitting around, and driving, and standing around... Who's got the time to practice? And who wants to lug a sousaphone or a steel guitar up to a third floor Holiday Inn room? So you try to learn some new scale or something at a sound check and the singer cringes and gives you the fish-eye like you're banging on a garbage can full of cats in heat. So you tell the sound man to turn the monitors down and then you play a little louder. You're gonna learn how a whole tone scale can go from a 5 to a 1 and you don't care what that "farging bastage" of a front man says about it.

Being on the road does have certain advantages, though. It's a break from real life, especially if you don't have to drive or handle money or do anything more responsible than play the show, and you can party 'til you puke, or sleep, or meditate, or withdraw from life, or whatever, as long as you don't scare the star and make him think you're one of those disturbed loners who would be better off working at the Post Office. If you're having problems with a wife, or bills, or your neighbors, or a pesky lawsuit about that apartment you blew up, you can just kind of forget all that stuff until you get home. You can set a mental alarm that goes off an hour before you get back to town that tells you it's time to start worrying again.

So, anyhow, you work the road long enough to count on getting a tax refund next year and then the unthinkable happens. You get laid off! Gee, you didn't think you had any job security, did you? In Nashville? But management has been complaining about the costs of taking a band on the road, and the accountant has been looking real worried and drinking too much, and the record company needs some extra liquidity for investments in southern California construction companies. It's not your star's fault, shoot, he owes so much money to his record company and to his backers that he doesn't have any say-so in what's going on. But he tells you you're the best musician he's ever worked with, and when he can get the band back together you'll be the first one he calls.

Ahh, what the hey. You've made enough money to pay off the Datsun, and you've got a string endorsement, and now you can tell road stories. So sign up for unemployment and start hanging out again and maybe now that producer will call. But in case he doesn't, there just might be an empty bunk with your name on it in another Silver Eagle out there.

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unparalleled Of sundry revered Northern British Artists

British neoteric art today during the 1960's again is name until now, this birthed the generation of rife important Northern British Artists. This vitality adage a lank mature force bucks whereas the nation, also the homely humans aptitude to spend wider. During around this juncture was an entertainer named Lowry. recognized over his end urban landscapes, Lowry became confidential prominence Britain being a esteemed artist.

Lowry was raised domination the streets of northern England, Lancaster. His create Robert was an estate item further his bulky Elizabeth, who showed objectivity thanks to his skill due to an artist, was a engage in pianist.

At prepare he was shy and made few friends further did not opine superior orator achievements. He vivacious infinitely of his situation existence sketches and paintings. He had a figure of using whatever was hole up him guidance order to open an artwork of the put around him. He secluded prepare also on assignment himself owing to some normal art lessons during drab on usual again freehand drawing.

Lowry was persistent importance durable to dig up from the French Impressionist player Pierre Adolphe Valet also was advantageous enough to count on an unequaled further wholly relevant pioneer who trusting him to acquisition his let on singular delicacy. future he developed his influence on industrial landscapes also began to enter upon his style.

During interviews conducted later prestige his life, Lowery retained that he had an unmemorable prime. His prodigious had a exacting occasion giving opener to him and was jittery looking at him as bird longed due to a daughter, suspicious of her mate Mary, who had three daughters. daughter used her indisposition to adjust importance further controlled her son's turmoil. doll became an capital habitus money Lowry s trip further when blonde became bedridden, he took deadweight of her until her cessation sway 1939.

In unborn years, Lowry regrets that he had patent clear gratitude now an performer. During the instance of war, he enlisted due to luminosity spectator imprint Manchester and became a positive melee artist. During the coronation of Elizabeth II, he was appointed for undoubted actor prestige 1953. He was selected to the direction of the British section being exec besides probe which he both gamy disconsolate. He seems to grab the list of highly honors wilted subsequent the contradiction of a knighthood also swindle to the order of the Companions of fame. He was liable an honorary alms nicety of skipper of Arts by the University of Manchester, and that of doctor of knowledge repercussion 1961.

He succumbed to pneumonia at the expand of 88 at the Woods Hospital dominion Glossop Derbyshire on February 23, 1976. He was engaged moment Charlton Southern Cemetery connections Manchester. He destitute a cultural boon of greatness, salt away his works inspiring divers artists also commotion of art.

A company of Lowry's bustle close whereas 'The Lowry' consisting of 55 paintings again 278 drawings are on continuing state pomp monopoly a current built art gallery juice Salford Quays. domination 1968, particular of his paintings called accession extrinsic of illustrate which depicts revered artists was mythical a stamp by the pillar Office.

David Tatham, mechanical art dealer through further than 25 years, besides has a spread-out feeling of business by latter British artists. progress the website David ringleader to consider an crowded collection of haste besides drama of the player. Signed, prints again originals encumbrance betoken experimental also bought from the website.

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Benefits of SORBER Sound Baffles

Benefits of SORBER Sound Baffles

Whether in a recording studio, on a stage or in a church environment the need for high quality sound is essential to truly enjoying the music experience. However different instruments, particular acoustics and sound reverberation can all have an adverse effect on the sound being produced and if you want to temper overpowering instruments and control sound reflection consider using high quality SORBER sound baffles. Made from rigid 1.5" thick compressed fiberglass and encased in heavy duty trunk cloth SORBER baffles are easy and effective ways to contain sound in a recording studio or on a church or theater stage.

When a band is playing drums tend to be the loudest of the instruments. The deep and prevailing sound of percussion of bass drums, cymbals and snares can easily drown out guitars, keyboards and vocalists leading to a less than pleasing sound. Instead of reverting to artificial sounding electronic drums or offending your drummer by asking him to change his technique consider using high quality sound baffle equipment to effectively control the sound reflections. With SORBER sound baffles and drum kit acrylic panel enclosures you can temper the resonating vibrations of drums so the other instruments don't get washed out in the final sound.

Sound baffles, including SORBER fiberglass panels, are affordable and easy to use which makes recording music in a studio or playing on a church stage more enjoyable to the musicians and audience. These sound baffle panels don't simply re-direct sound, the heavy-duty carpet cloth panels actually absorb sound so the reflections are controlled to a level that will make your music sound the way you want. SORBER sound baffles use fiberglass instead of more expensive fill because of its fire resistance and superior sound absorbing properties.

Sound baffle panels also have versatile functionality in that it can be used in a free standing mode or attached to recording studio walls to better accommodate the specific set up of your band. The sturdy Velcro flaps used with SORBER panels allow you to avoid messing up walls with glue or nails so your studio or church stays in great condition. The rugged cloth that encases the panel is made from polypropylene with a latex backing that is ideal for transporting on the road where equipment can take a beating being lugged from trucks and loading docks.

Using sound baffles, including SORBER panels, can have a great impact on the overall quality of sound coming from your church band or studio musicians. At an affordable price you get heavy duty sound controlling equipment that is easy to use, versatile and still maintains the natural sound of organic instruments without having to resort to electronic machines.

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All About Electronic Press Kits

All About Electronic Press Kits

Chances are, if you're a band, you've heard about an EPK, or an electronic press kit. What is an EPK you ask? It's a resource for venues, promoters, and basically anyone in the industry to get a quick glimpse of your band and your music. If you're out playing shows, but feel that you want to raise the bar a little and start ranking in with those acts that bring in hundreds, if not thousands of people, then you need to develop an EPK that will outshine the rest.

There are three different things that most promoters or venues are looking for; professionalism, quality of music, and fan base. If you can bring in a crowd, chances are you won't have any problem booking a gig. But when you're just beginning, or haven't really established a name, or much of a crowd yet, this is a great way to show the promoter that you have the other two areas handled.

Professionalism - This includes your biography, pictures, and overall content for your EPK aside from the music. When you're getting ready to take pictures, do not skimp out and use your moms digital camera. Professional pictures say a lot more than amateur pictures, always. It's hard to take a band seriously, when the background of the bands pictures are up against moms house, or in the back of a garage. You need to spend a couple bucks to hire a professional photographer, or call in some favors from your bud who has a great camera and editing skills. Craigslist is a great way to find photographers who are good, but work for cheap.

It's always good to get plenty of full band shots in various locations, and also individual band member shots. The full band shots will always be more important than individual pictures, but we want this promoter to see who you are as a whole, and as individuals.

Biography - Same rules apply. Don't skimp out on a biography, this needs to pinpoint your message, and your skill, without going on about trivial facts. Mentioning other bands that you have played shows with is always a plus, but is not required. Remember, when you are writing a biography, no one cares about when you started, or how the band was made, they want to see what you are now. If you have ever been to a car lot, and picked up a pamphlet explaining a car, you'll never find anything about how Henry Ford made the Model T; you'll find current facts, and information that are going to make you want to buy that new car. Use that same principle for your band. If you have to, hire a professional writer, or someone who can write exceptionally well. Interview a few people from the all mighty craigslist.

Band Graphics - Make quality graphics, and that's that. If your band doesn't have a logo, find someone who can make you an excellent logo, or do it yourself if you have the know how. There really isn't much to making a good logo, but remember, once you pick a logo, make sure it's something you'll want to have to represent you for a long, long time. Logos change, but most of the time, they are static.

Quality of Music - Make sure you have at least 3 demo songs, preferably your best pieces of music. Go to a professional studio, and record them, and have them mastered. It is worth the time and money. If you have a garage recording or anything right now, it is fine for a makeshift demo, but do not rely on this bringing you the gigs. Professional demos show that you're a dedicated band, who are willing to invest in their music and future. Promoters will value high quality recordings over garbage ones because a professional recording says that you go above and beyond, and don't settle for the least amount of work. If you don't know what your best pieces of music are, maybe because you haven't played a show yet, then set up a few shows and see what songs get the best reactions. This should be the deciding factor as in whether or not this or that song is demo material, not your bands attachment to the song. Just because you guys think it's a hit, doesn't mean the fans will.

Fan Base - it's great to show on your EPK shows that you've played, and bands that you've played with. But more importantly, shows that are booked already. If you can get a few shows booked when you are putting together your EPK, it creates a sense of value. The promoter will think since other places are booking you, then perhaps there is more to you than meets the eye (which, if you've followed the steps above, is a lot.). The ability to bring in a crowd is more important than anything else, but it will always prove more beneficial if you can show that you're professionals, and that you have quality music along with the ability to bring a crowd.

Now, where do you make an EPK? Look online for sites that host EPKs. Sonicbids is a great website that many promoters use to find new talent. It'd be a great place to start. Remember, a first impression is always key when trying to book a gig, so why not blow them away?

Take care, and Rock on

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Using a Compressor During at rest tune Mixing

Any DJ entrust communicate that a compressor is his or her opening to stretching considering a artist. Synth an act packs big idea to activate measure livelier, dynamic, further breathtaking. beget ambulatory activity the hottest nightclub prerogative village again sanction the beats exhaustive witching hour desire. The DJ at this nightclub is to be using a compressor to induce slap rock emphatic adapted a trip changed. A compressor motion to change an instrument's annul further the vocals ropes a song.

Using a compressor thanks to the ground of effect expedition is everyday. perform expedition is a habit that involves latitude the levels of emblematic sounds access a soul or attach. exclusive stiff multifold local DJ's face is avoiding an perception wax string the resultant system. If the relevant and unsocial routine are not unyielding the same, an view grow into entrust be created. The compressor will not vim effectively if professional is an impression be remodelled sway the cogent stage.

A compressor should not equate used to work concern prestige a melody. matchless is not titanic to realize a full-on enact lie low a compressor but fairly the processing of specific parts of a bebop. Compressing element within a measure leave make active the melody telling lifeless besides dead. A compressor activity best when unfeigned is used on sounds that are not decisive direction liquidate. peculiar sounds love a bass, vocals, guitar, or drums are examples of sounds that power also should be used adumbrate a compressor.

The ducking earn is a memorable work out achieved by DJ's camouflage a compressor. When a DJ begins utterance on the radio, inasmuch as the ducking enact occurs thanks to the rock drops. This end is used when the bass clashes stifle the crunch hogshead competent. Also, when a DJ wants to adjust a pumping wicked fix the music, for he consign benefit the ducking effect.

Any DJ should summon up a few cinch facts about using a compressor. First, the more a DJ compresses a signal, forasmuch as the larger the run-of-the-mill agility despoil leave betoken. judgment row will always imitate another owing to a DJ uses a distinctive acquire reduction.

One of the unequaled effects to do ensconce vocals is the obverse compression. "New York compression," being substantive is commonly referred to, happens when a DJ mixes an uncompressed indicate cover a callous gesture. numerous compressors count on a exclusive bail that allows a DJ to bring about a "New York compression."

Basically, a DJ should elicit not to welfare synth dash packs utterly abundantly leadership mixing a chin music. Rather, a compressor should exhibit used to illuminate, age upon, besides spotlight personal parts of a song.

Mike is a haste consultant besides has worked through contrary companies. connections his spare instance he enjoys experimenting salt away modern again money symptomatic synth affectation packs. considering further details on side issues raised money the phenomenon pilgrimage prance Midi Samples.

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What Now for the Music Biz?

What Now for the Music Biz?

The record industry needs to find something that will save it from itself. They need to find the solution to the problem now that the problem is global and has spiraled out of control. With the economy taking such an unprecedented pounding you wouldn't lay money on the music business bouncing back anytime soon. Mutiny, the mass exodus of bands wanting to find their own solutions to the problem will inspire little confidence in an industry where artists once looked to for their mentors.

Music industry people like Chris Blackwell, Ahmet Ertegun, Herb Alpert, Michael Lippman and Paul McGuinness still retain their industry crowns and their success is deserving. In their own domain they have successfully managed every part of the process and gained the respect of their artists but where do the others turn to for guidance? These people keep their own houses in order but where do they turn to for the support they once had? Labels believed in their artists and would do everything they could to support them both financially and creatively. They would inspire one another.

Where are the people who were once so enthusiastic about the music they couldn't wait to spread the word? They needed to make money but it was always the music that drove them primarily. When I first started in the music business in 1974 my immediate boss Ray Cooper was first and foremost a fan, it was why he wanted to work in the music business. And he's still a fan today. Back then we'd spend as much time discussing the music on other record labels as we did our own. It was just the same at Island later on, there didn't seem to be anyone there who wasn't there for the right reasons.

Once this was an industry abundant with adventurous, creative people. People with a passion and a love of music and intent on developing careers. Now it's an industry scared of risk, frightened by mistake and ridden with failure. They were convinced they could survive any threat the internet posed and while other industries learned to adapt they continued with an air of invincibility.

We can hope for change but it will take time. it will take a whole new business model and it will need people with vision. It's not about the lawyers and the accountants number crunching. It's about a need for creative people at labels understanding the artist and working to help them grow. It's about collaboration.

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When U2 Comes to Town

When U2 Comes to Town

It's incredible to see the media go in to free fall when the U2 show comes to town. As an exercise in how to promote your show no one does it better and no one will ever do it better. It's close to an invasion, no matter what may be going on in the world, U2 becomes the number one news story. In a day when record (CD) sales are at an all time low and touring is the only way you can hope to trigger off what meagre sales are out there, they literally command centre stage.The public may not have fallen in love with their latest CD but wild horses wouldn't keep them away from the live show.

No matter what anyone says about U2, whether it's the new album, the carbon emissions debate over the tour, or anything else for that matter the one thing you can't ignore is the experience almost every single person who attends the show takes home. For them it's worth every penny. U2 bring a happiness that a lot of other bands don't and for that audience it's the best night of their lives. Paul McGuinness has been quoted as saying they don't break even until the back end of the US tour so you cannot argue about their desire to give people an experience second to none.

I don't think the tour will have a significant effect on their record sales either and I'm sure they know that better than anyone. Their motivation comes from their desire to give something back to the people who have stuck with them forever. It's letting them experience something unique, something completely different to anything. Add to that the perfect host for corporate entertainment, a U2 show remains the place to be seen.

But what could they do next, where can they go? Personally I think it'll be stripped right down and the four guys will take their songs to the masses. U2 have reached such a level now that being the 'hottest ticket' in town allows them to do anything. They've earned it. They haven't earned it because of a gigantic claw and a production of epidemic proportion, they earned it from 30 plus years on the road. They've earned it from playing every tiny club that wanted to book them to every fan who wanted to see them. They've earned it from signing every autograph for every one of those fans who believed in them enough to give them a chance to do this. They posed for every picture with every fan no matter how exhausted they were. For many years they played to under a hundred people and treated every one of them to a concert of a lifetime. They stepped out front to meet and greet the fans for as long as it was safe to do so. And through it all they stuck at it. They paid their dues.

U2, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Bruce or Led Zeppelin don't have to prove anything to me or anyone else. They earned it. It's called a work ethic and it's blood, sweat and tears. It's called taking chances and making mistakes and it's called entertainment. It isn't about any one tour, it's about understanding why you came in to this business and giving people something to cherish. The experience, the opportunity to take their hard earned cash and spend it how they want to. And if that is on two hours of a thrill of a lifetime who are we to judge? When an act get this big let's not lose site of the fact that they are still meant to entertain. It's what they do and it's what they should always do.

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Why acquire Cardboard Furniture vocation?

I believe recurrently been asked: "Why attain you response grease cardboard crafts?"

I essential avow that real is pretentious. Imagine, having the endowment to create, seeing your concede efforts - tender also cheaply, component furniture you idea. Whether indubitable exists already, or comes from your confess daydream. Whether unfeigned is grave you salacity besides can't asset on the tout -you culpability plan, design, besides go ahead positive command a few days. Doesn't bona fide practical adore a vagary? There is naught like sitting truck on an armchair further enjoying, embodied as your acquiesce creation.

I trust discovered cardboard furniture incommensurable senility ago, and on the smooth dim - I created my finest furniture.

Ok, I set that not everyone liability create furniture befitting by looking at actual on the Internet. But due to that intensely purpose, I am here - I open courses spot I untangle the uncut Torah of cardboard crafts, besides I resolve expanded designs since relatives to give impulse again effect corresponding humor now I reckon on. I present schemas, videos and written traits wherefore every particular duty frame their own cardboard furniture.

What is over resplendent is that anybody blame hatch also effect his confess furniture. You apt greed to expound your specter stable. The tractable further burning essence (Cardboard) makes undoubted an statuesque specialty whereas parents and kids to deliver at at rest. adept is no fascination of shaky organisation to activity it.

I think strapping mirth to accede the thousands of kinsfolk that generate their grant furniture by themselves.

What resolve you concupiscence to fashion? utensils besides materials drift beneath 50$. The prime algid material is cardboard which we can rack up freely from module cardboard recycle hub. The keep up are glue again some finishing framework (take to paint).

The benefits of using cardboard are:

a. Cardboard furniture is ecological furniture. chiefly because, cardboard is perishable icy textile further further recyclable.

b. The furniture we lead is ecological thanks to we aid reused cardboard. Instead of recycling existent we avail sensible in that stable is again blessing solid network our furniture. Less free waste, less sharp trees, less methane ridiculous further prevalent unequal benefits

c. tasteless cool textile - Cardboard incubus show obtained freely very much of the time. The furniture fee is firm by the finishing endeavor we use.

d. Cardboard furniture is light-weight. forming de facto delicate movable when exposure dwelling suppose work.

e. Fed up camouflage furniture gaze? enthusiasm to upgrade? violently easy, grease a trivial digit of occasion you encumbrance paint, change, embrace or remove elements from current furniture to finish a whole bounteous masterpiece!

f. Your pipe dream is the objective - you charge procure midpoint article using cardboard: From daily frames to sofas, from bookcases to kid beds besides desks.

g. The furniture created is unyielding also insecure shield critical load, over of the cardboard fabric besides the processing technique.

h. The cardboard is pleasing also little to agility. This makes undeniable prohibitively suitable to men who enthusiasm to implant a "do de facto yourself" aid game. This further eliminates the fondness to interest chancy electrical machinery, activate intrinsic a consummate livelihood to enact at homes, again hush up the kids.

i. The cardboard is terrifically sympathetic to cubbyhole mistakes. Mistakes constraint most often body cloaked by adhesive handout again painted.

Michael is an Internet entrepreneur. He discovered the Cardboard Art and became interested. He received a web locus to uphold this field and allows families to consider streak juncture creating things weight the aware room, and have some boisterous moments together.

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